Casino Graz: Full House at Beat the Pros with Matthias Eibinger and Daniel Rezaei

Today the war takes place on April 2nd at Casino Graz for €100 + 20 Beat The Pros (€5,000 GTD) with Matthias Eibinger and Daniel Rezaei.

30,000 chips (+ 20% gold bonus when purchasing the welcome chips) and 20 minute levels were the conditions, and €5,000 in prize money was guaranteed. Matthias Eibinger and Daniel Rezaei each had a €550 CAPT Million ticket bounty on their heads. 106 players took part, the re-entry option was used 16 times and so there was €12,200 in the pot.

The first 17 places were paid, the minimum cash was €240, the winner could look forward to €2,930. Many Graz regulars didn’t miss the opportunity and joined the party. Matthias Eibinger fell victim to Dominic Birnstingel, Wolfgang Schragen was able to eliminate Daniel Rezaei. In the end, the prize money was not paid out; the last four agreed to a deal. These include Thomas Reiterer and Matjaz Augustinovic for 1,645 euros, Alexander Kampitsch comes second for 2,045 euros and winner Rosenthal is sold for 2,045 euros.

At Casino Graz there is a €100 + 20 Omaha Special on April 15th, also available in the regular poker program. If you’re interested in a celebrity bounty hunt, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Casino Linz on Friday and Saturday. Information about the complete poker offering at Casino Graz can be found at

rank First name Surname Prize money Act
1 Rosenthal €2,930 €2,045
2 Alexander Kampitsch €2,000 €2,045
3 Thomas amplifier €1,400 €1,645
4 Matjaz Augustinovic €1,050 €1,645
5 Thomas Wieser 800€
6 Daniel Click 620€
7 kidney Haas 520€
8th Siamak Shirazian 430€
9 Michael Komatz 370€
10 wolfgang Schragen 300€
11 Patrick Kammerhofer 300€
12 Vojko Kunc 260€
13 World Champion 260€
14 NO NO 240€
15 Marko Kotnik 240€
16 Sven German man 240€
17 Veronica Leibetseder 240€

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