There is also the Catazaro for the direct A

TURIN – And now pay attention to Vivarini’s Catanzaro. The Calabrian Giallorossi faced Calabria last Sunday, with victory in the Cosenza derby signed by goals from Iemmello and Biasci. Apart from a few sparks between the two fans, it was a great celebration, with at least 5,000 Giallorossi fans awaiting the team returning from Cosenza in Catanzaro. A success that allows the Vivarini band to settle in fifth place, overtaking Palermo and fully entering the fight for direct promotion, since the 2nd place occupied by Cremonese is 5 points away. And to think that, having reached the crucial month of March that sets up the Serie A sprint, Catanzaro appears to be the fittest of the top teams, fresh from three wins in a row. The change of gear came with the growth of Iemmello, the striker who returned to his homeland in the summer of 2022 to lead the restart of the Giallorossi: with the goal San Vito-Marulla he increased to 11 goals, 8 of which were scored in the In the second round, the variety was almost completely there when it was needed. After conquering Serie B with a record last season, we are now dreaming, because after a year full of ups and downs, but still at a high level, no one now has the pace of Catanzaro: in the second round the Giallorossi really have it switched gears and found the pinch of continuity that was missing. In 2024 they were defeated by Feralpisalò in Piacenza only in the second game of the year, then they never scored a goal and now we are wondering how they can finish the season while the Iemmello striker is already in history for the fans of the club, among the myths Palanca and Bivi, the men of Catanzaro’s golden years in Serie A, a word no longer forbidden to the Giallorossi. At times, the inconsistency displayed by Vivarini’s team was controversial and seemed to be the biggest limitation. But this problem also seems to have been solved, as two of the three wins in a row were away wins (before Cosenza, lightning win in Cittadella). And then you have to say that Catanzaro is perhaps the team that plays best in Serie B, as Fabregas had already pointed out months ago. Vivarini deploys him in a lively 4-4-2, with in the middle the fourth on the left is the Vandeputte, who is an additional attacker: in the necessary proportions he is Catanzaro’s Kvara because he undermines the defense and the goals scored points, while the defense now looks more stable (only one goal has been conceded in the last three games). But first of all, what numbers: In addition to Iemmello with 11 goals, Biasci has increased to 8, Vandeputte is to 7, no team in Serie B has three similar weapons in the top scorer list. So on Saturday, kick-off at 4:15 p.m., Ceravolo will enthusiastically ask the Vivarini team to accommodate Nestas Reggiana so that the dream continues. Then, on Saturday March 16, at 2 p.m., Catanzaro will be on stage at Revelation’s home stadium Brescia, after which there will be a break for the national teams. And who knows where Catanzaro will be when the city celebrates not having dreamed like this in over 40 years.

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