Grand Casino Liechtenstein: Deal directly at 4k Thursday

The deal of the three games was announced on April 4th at Grand Casino Liechtenstein for CHF 95 + 15 4k on Thursday.

For the buy-in you can manage 30,000 chips, the blinds are increased by 20 minutes. There was a guaranteed amount of CHF 4,000 in the pot, with the 44 participants already breaking the guarantee. From now on there were 19 re-entries and so there was CHF 5,985 in the pot. The prize money shouldn’t be played either, the last three found an agreement. Leon17 took victory for CHF 1,500, Dieter Good came second for CHF 1,405 and Armend Ceka took third place for CHF 930.

Tonight the CHF 100 + 80 + 20 Progressive Bounty offers CHF 7,000 in prize money, played with 30,000 chips and 20 minute levels. Tomorrow is the CHF 95 + 15 Mega Satellite for Day 1A-C at Wolf Millionaire (CHF 1,000,000 GTD). 15 tickets for CHF 600 are guaranteed. The cash games start in the blinds CHF 1/3 NLH or CHF 1/1 PLO. All details about the poker floor at the Grand Casino Liechtenstein can be found on the Poker Facebook page and on the website Under You’ll find out more about the live action and the details next time.

Place First name Last name Nickname country Prize money Act
1 Leo 17 BiH 1,810 CHF 1,500 CHF
2 Dieter Good Ch 1,295 CHF 1,405 CHF
3 Poor Cheka 840 CHF 930 CHF
4 Kuklis Ch 630 CHF
5 Jack Slater AT 490 CHF
6 Ace of Hearts AT 380 CHF
7 Stanislav Tsvetanović CZ 305 CHF
8th Milan Tsvetanović Ch 235 CHF
9 To mark EN 0 CHF 110 CHF

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