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The Customs and Monopoly Department published data on market shares in the online sports betting industry for 2023. Lottomatica confirms its leadership and continues to grow, but it is not alone.

Online sports betting 2023: Lottomatica takes flight

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Online betting market: data for 2023

There is some news in the data for the 2023 calendar year for the online sports betting industry, but the balances are more or less confirmed. Generally, The industry certainly looked healthy.With collections of 13 billion euros (+15.1% compared to 2022). Spending (i.e. how much players actually lose) also increases, going from €1.3 billion to €1.5 billion (+12.5%).

When it comes to individual operators, Lottomatica stands out in two ways: on the one hand, it is there Confirmed as market leader On the other hand, there is rapid growth in spending, reaching an exciting +42.3% in 2022, with a market share of 18.64%. Sisal follows closely behind, growing by 11.8% with 14.33% in expenses and 12.17% in expenses. collections (where Lottomatica owns 15.54%).

What we find on the third step of the ideal podium Snaitech groupIts main brand is obviously Snai, and it recorded a performance of 10.65% in collections and 12.69% in expenses, with an overall increase of +2.7% on an annual basis. If we only consider growth compared to 2022, the best is ahead of Staryes (+59.8%), Starcasinò (+44.5%) and E-Play24 (+26.6%).

How are the others, from Planetwin365 to LeoVegas?

Just behind the podium is bet365, which comes first for revenue (22.81%) and fourth for spend (12.06%); This is a sign of a more experienced than average customer base. By the way, there is also Planetwin365 Acquired by Lottomatica in 2023 and over the past year Left Eurobet behindIt ranks fifth with +5.5% global growth compared to 2022.

It should also be noted that Lottomatica’s online betting market share includes brands such as BetFlag and Goldbet, which are already included in the group, and they should also be included in the count starting next year. Planetwin365 and Macao PhygitalAnother acquisition in 2023 by Lottomatica Group, which has become the Italian leader, going well ahead of Flutter (Sisal, PokerStars, Betfair) and Entain (bwin, Eurobet).

Other brands as well as operators StarCasino and LeoVegasIn the first case, statements of international giants such as Betsson Group, in the other case, BetMGM. The great solidity behind it enabled StarCasinò to achieve the above-mentioned massive growth of +44.5% in 2022. LeoVegas is also growing with good continuity, as evidenced by the +14.3% performance compared to the previous year.

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