Daznbet comes to Germany after England, Italy and Spain

DAZN’s expansion campaign in the online betting field does not stop. The Daznbet brand reaches one of the main markets in Europe: the German market. Do Bundesliga rights affect the deal?

Daznbet enters another TOP market

Daznbet will now also speak German

We can say Wilkommen. German online betting enthusiasts are preparing to welcome Daznbet, the betting platform created by the popular sports broadcasting network. site Daznbet.de given the green light by GGLThe German public gambling regulatory authority and therefore the mechanisms for the launch have been put in motion.

Thus, Germany became the fourth “top” market in which the DAZN betting brand decided to expand. The first of these was the event in England in the first half of 2022; Added to this were Spain and Italy, which had more complex deadlines and bureaucratic requirements to resolve. Now it’s Germany’s turn and here too technological partner will be Pragmatic Solutions.

This is the same company that provides the iGaming services that have helped Daznbet since its inception. Experimental launch in UK. Besides the technical structure of gaming sites, Pragmatic Solutions has always dealt with various bureaucratic and compliance issues; It is an extremely useful service considering that various regulated markets sometimes have very different standards from each other.

DAZN and prospects in Germany and Italy

Sensitivity on this issue even in Germany Responsible gaming themes are very strong. Therefore, the compliance required to obtain the license also included a set of prevention measures and control standards regarding the phenomenon of problem gambling. However, granting the license was not being discussed as DAZN was already among the Bundesliga broadcasters, possibly as part of a wider deal.

This outlines a scenario quite similar to that in Italy; however, DAZN has exclusive rights to 70% of Serie A matches and 100% when considering joint exclusivity with Sky. But the issue of the Dignity Decree and Sponsorship ban in football for companies and betting related brands. How did DAZN act?

The strategy was to promote the site Daznbet.fun, where fans can have fun with various sports quizzes, have the opportunity to win non-cash prizes, but still be familiar with the Daznbet site. If the Government had to Repeal or dilute the Dignity DecreePerhaps Daznbet can present itself more decisively in its own flow.

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