Entain buys Angstrom Sports and takes it into a new era

A significant market movement could affect some balance in the US sports betting market. The Entain group has actually acquired Angstrom Sports, a platform specializing in sports modelling, data analysis and statistics supply.

Entain is buying Angstrom Sports: What does this mean?

Angstrom Sports becomes part of the Entain group

Entain PLC group, one of the world’s leading multinational gaming companies, listed in London with a capital value of over 6 billion pounds, stands out with another important deal that has been closed. Actually completed Acquisition of Angstrom SportsA company that provides the latest generation of sports modeling with predictions, data analysis and statistics.

The deal was already announced last July, but now the acquisition has been completed and the initially agreed price has been paid. £81 million. In total, taking other conditional payments into account, the maximum cost Entain will have to pay will be £122 million, payable over three years. Thus, Angstrom becomes part of Entain from a US perspective only for now.

The main purpose of this acquisition is actually to strengthen the group in the US market. Exists under the Entain BetMGM brand. The adoption of Angstrom Sports will enable the development of an in-house product with innovative features that will greatly enhance BetMGM’s betting platform for an unrivaled gaming experience in the Stars and Stripes market.

The importance of big data for sports and betting

It’s certainly interesting to see what the final product of this mix of offerings will be. sports betting and data analysisIt was created by Entain and Angstrom. The possibility of having betting offers, predictions, risk analyzes and prices all on a single platform is interesting. After all, it is now known how much he has grown The importance of big data in sports.

Current data volumes, together with a once unimaginable computational speed, are making possible what was yesterday unthinkable, and their impact is tangible in both sports and betting. You will have already read about coaches using algorithms To determine game strategies and even choose the starting lineup, to name just a few examples.

This large amounts of data that can be analyzed and classified It also paves the way for incredible scenarios for the betting world. We were once content with football pools, a few references to home and away performance and little else. Nowadays, thanks to technology, you can bet on the percentage of passes a player will complete knowing their league average. And tomorrow? Maybe.

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