first semi-final in a WTA 1000!

«Raising the bar higher and higher, even just a little bit, is the real daily challenge that one has to face, with the pleasure of trying and enjoying the journey and waiting to see what the destination will be». That’s what his coach Renzo said Furlan at the end of 2023 and summarized a season that Jasmine had brought Paolini to get into the top 30 in the world. The 28-year-old from Bagni di took these words literally Luccawhich continues its rise with results at the beginning of 2024: achieved at Australian Open For the first time the round of 16 at a Slam, now here comes the first semi-final at one WTA 1000. And it doesn’t matter that a Dubai reached the penultimate act without entering the field, benefiting from the Kazakh Elena’s retreat RybakinaNo. 4 in the world for a gastrointestinal virus.