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The United Arab Emirates has long been talked about as the new frontier of luxury and super-luxury tourism. The only obstacle was the absolute ban on gambling, but the barrier is about to collapse.

Emirates revolution: towards yes to gambling

UAE milestone: gambling ban lifted

A major cultural barrier in the Arab world, and especially in the Emirates, is about to collapse. The historic absolute ban on gambling, long in place across the region for religious reasons, is on the verge of being lifted. A few days ago there was news about the establishment of a real regulatory body. General Commercial Gambling Regulatory Authority.

GCGRA now faces a task that is not simple and not very timely. The new institution will actually have to investigate and Defining a regulatory framework for the countryAbout all the possible applications that will take shape in the sector, from the national lottery to other possible aspects of gaming and betting, including the franchise aspect.

Once regulatory frameworks have been defined and what types of gaming and betting will be allowed in the country, new game licenses. This is where the real game is played, and in fact, two executives with proven international experience in Kevin Mullally and Jim Murren, formerly of the Missouri Gaming Commission and MGM Resorts, have been called upon to run the GCGRA.

Is the Las Vegas of the Middle East coming?

Here you read the magic word: resorts, a term that helps us understand the real reasons for this groundbreaking reform and also everything we have to expect from now on. It’s no secret that Dubai and Abu Dhabi are targeting elite tourismand news like this moon shaped super hotel I confirm this.

However, there would be no point in the proliferation of luxury hotels and resorts if wealthy patrons are universally deterred from one of the most popular leisure activities, gambling, especially at this wallet-level level. So the prediction made by a visionary a few years ago may come true. United Arab Emirates, the Las Vegas of the Middle East.

This high stakes players are a highly sought after niche. A few years ago, the center of this tourism was Macau, with its exclusive casinos and high-stakes poker games. However, China has been raiding for a while now and the region has been practically burned. Will the UAE be the real alternative to Las Vegas?

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