Grand Casino Liechtenstein: Ladies Power at Chinese Deepstack

Also available on February 9th is the CHF 6,888 prize money guarantee on the CHF 138 + 20 Chinese Deepstack at Grand Casino Liechtenstein, a deal to get Dragana to victory.

The Chinese deep stack takes place with 40,000 chips and 20 minute levels, guaranteed CHF 6,888. The tables were well filled with 76 starters, and a further 25 re-entries resulted in the prize pool increasing to CHF 13,938.

The first payment is made, the min cash is CHF 285, the winner costs CHF 3,763. However, the victory bonus was not played out, the last six agreed on a deal that gave Dragana the victory for CHF 2,518, The Rock as a short stack still received CHF 1,265.

The highlight of the Chinese New Year celebrations today is the CHF 168 + 20 Freezeout, where you can play for at least CHF 8,888 with 50,000 chips and 25 minutes of levels. You get 15 hours for CHF 30 + 5 satellite tickets, with three tickets guaranteed. The cash games start in the blinds CHF 1/3 NLH or CHF 1/1 PLO. All details about the poker floor at the Grand Casino Liechtenstein can be found on the Poker Facebook page and on the website Under You’ll find out more about the live action and the details next time.

Place First name Last name Nickname country Prize money Act
1 Dragana Ch 3,763 CHF 2,518 CHF
2 Roman Lendi Ch 2,650 CHF 2,485 CHF
3 Gerd Hörburger AT 1,740 CHF 2,180 CHF
4 Christian Ortner AT 1,345 CHF 1,535 CHF
5 Uwe Taxpayers 1,080 CHF 1,440 CHF
6 The stone Ch 845 CHF 1,265 CHF
7 boom Ch 670 CHF
8th Pepino Ch 525 CHF
9 Reys EN 395 CHF
10 B.P Ch 320 CHF
11 Emily IT 320 CHF
12 Ribim Ch 285 CHF

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