Guardiola, breakout in the conference. But Carragher’s broadside exposes him

It was a real show conference pep Guardiola on the eve of the delicate challenge valid for the midweek round of 16 Premier League against Aston Villa. After the daring draw, the goal came Chelsea And Tottenham, The City is called upon not to submit a solid examination arsenal Escape to the top of the leaderboard. And right from the last draw against Spurs, the Catalan coach received some notes that he couldn’t easily digest, on the contrary. “How many titles have those who criticize me won?” This is the first request from Guardiola who added: “My team is on course to win a fourth consecutive Premier League title, an unprecedented achievement. Everyone knows how difficult it is. Otherwise Gary Neville would have made it in Manchester United’s heyday. But it wasn’t like that, was it? Jamie Carragher hasn’t won one, just once. Micah Richards hasn’t won four Premier League titles in a row. Always and never. It never happened.”