Inter, another mocking draw in the Youth League: Rego reacts to Berenbruch

Once again it was a late goal that separated the teamInter Spring from victory in the youth league. It happened with that Real company on the first day, and it happened against them Benfica, this time at home at the Konami Center. The game was well managed from the start, but a slight tiredness towards the end allowed the Portuguese to equalize. Even a bit of bad luck for the boys Chivu that there are ten left due to the expulsion Cocchi (double warning). The resistance to the final attack in the recovery and the final point to climb to two in the rankings.

Inter-Benfica, draw and regret

A draw for Inter that ultimately left a bad taste in the coach’s mouth Chivu and his boys. With the score at 1-0, there were also several missed opportunities, especially the one from Kamates In the second half, his left foot hit the crossbar from an excellent position. A point that continued the excellent development so far between the championship (4 wins and a draw) and the youth league (2 draws). He thought about taking the Nerazzurri forward Berenbruch in the 12th of the first half. However, in the end it was like that Rego to taunt the Milan team by having his shot deflect off a defender and go over the goal Calligaris, blameless on this occasion.

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