Is Planetwin365 for sale? Flutter, Lottomatica and Playtech compete

It has been reported that SKS365, the company that controls the Planetwin365 betting brand, is up for sale. We learn this from London stock exchange sources, which give mainly three groups of potential interest: Flutter, Lottomatica and Playtech. There are also rumors about the possible price.

Planetwin365 on the market: who can buy it

Is Planetwin365 going to auction? Here are the possible buyers

At the end of September, the SkyNews portal was the first to break the news of a possible and significant market movement in the European gaming industry, but primarily concerning the Italian market. Actually we are talking about Possible sale of SKS365The company controls Planetwin365, a brand that operates in the Italian market both online and retail and has approximately 1000 betting shops spread across the country.

This last feature is perhaps one of the most attractive aspects in the overall appeal of a company that has frequently stood out in recent years for its innovation and enlightened visions of social and environmental sustainability. In any case, according to exchange sources cited by SkyNews, potential buyers will be Flutter and Playtech groupsboth listed in London, also listed in the Lottomatica Group.

We also talk about what the measurable possible price could be. Between £500 and £600 million. We are talking about a range between 580 and 700 million euros at today’s exchange rate. However, if a real auction is to start, there may be upward changes in the price.

SKS365 deal: How much to move to Italy?

For Flutter, which is already available on the Italian market with PokerStars and Betfair and It also purchased Sisal about 2 years ago The group is about £24bn. The impact will be different for the Playtech group, which has a market capitalization of £1.4bn.

Lottomatica Group is not listed in London but has a market capitalization of approx. 2.4 billion euros. Moreover, there was no official statement or comment about the news from either Flutter or Lottomatica headquarters. However, Playtech has taken some official steps in this direction.

Playtech, which we remember owns Snaitech in the Italian market, issued a press release confirming that the group has participated in a new agreement process. Potential acquisition of SKS365 Malta Holdings. There are three potential buyers for what could be one of the most important deals for the near future in the Italian gaming market, but only one of them has emerged.

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