Live Poker | Casino Imperator: Radovan Michek wins the Old School Double Chance

Here, €30,000 will be played in the Grandpot Tombola in the Casino Imperator at the Czech-Austrian border crossing at Wullowitz/Dolni Dvoriste. Yesterday, on September 15th, there was a €75 + 5 Old School Double Chance prize, with Radovan Michek taking the win.

For the buy-in of €75 + 5 there were 15,000 chips, for €50 a rebuy was allowed and an additional 20,000 chips. The blinds initially rose to 25 minutes, later to 20 minutes. €8,000 in prize money was guaranteed. There were 38 players and 29 re-entries, the double chance was bought 63 times and so the guaranteed amount was cracked. After deducting the 10% fee there was €7,357 in the pot, the top 8 places were paid.

Helmut Haag has to start with the minimum cash of €294, winner Radovan Michek was able to look forward to €2,208 including a €250 PKO ticket for Saturday (€20,000 GTD).

This is a great cash game night – and even the Grandpot raffle, where the prize is worth €30,000. Next, a bounty awaits you. In general, the cash games at Kaiser start at 1/2 NLH or € 1/2 NLH. 2€/2PLO. All information about the complete poker offer can be found at casinoimperator.euCurrent news is also available on the Poker Facebook pageYou can also always find the latest news about the casino promotions here.

All prize pools have a 10% fee deducted

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