New deal with DAZN and Sky but it’s a storm

Following the heated Lega Calcio meeting, it was announced that the television rights agreement with DAZN and Sky will be renewed for a further five years until 2028/29. But not all clubs agree.

Serie A rights: with DAZN and Sky until 2029

Serie A rights: contract until 2029

Last October 23 should be recorded in the calendar as an important day for the balance of Italian football. In fact, this is the day when Serie A clubs voted in favor at the Lega Calcio meeting. renewal of television broadcasting rights About our best football league. The decision was ultimately to renew the agreement with DAZN and Sky.

This is a 5-year agreement, slightly lower in economic terms than the previous agreement. In fact, if the contract in force until the end of this season envisages an annual expenditure of 927.5 million euros, the new contract will cost two television channels. Approximately 900 million per year. Therefore, a total of 4.5 billion euros will be given to the clubs over the envisaged 5 years.

So a downward deal is also a development for Sky. Comcast giant actually Exclusive to only 3 out of 10 games However, unlike the previous agreement, he will be able to choose a better match every 3-4 rounds. While the hypothesis that the Lega Serie A channel is a channel has fallen by the wayside, there is nothing to be done for Mediaset, which hopes to broadcast the match free of charge.

De Laurentiis is not involved: here’s why

Hypothesis of the existence of a channel belonging to the Football League Packages sold directly to usersPerhaps with the support of an investment fund or financial partner, he was quite popular in some clubs, especially Napoli, Salernitana and Cagliari. It is no coincidence that Granata and Rossoblu voted against it, while Napoli abstained.

The abstention of the Neapolitans still sounds extremely polemical from the president’s mouth. Aurelio De Laurentiis rejects new dealHe calls this a failure because, in his opinion, it will cause the death of our football. Moreover, according to the Napoli president, this is a very long agreement. But why this attack? Maybe it has something to do with this Group’s financial situation.

With Filmauro almost at a standstill, Napoli are actually clearly the main asset and almost the only source of income. Football that does not know how to sell is bad for everyone, but especially for itself. Others don’t think so 17 Serie A presidentsPreferring small but safe money to unknown ones, he embarked on a new adventure through Lega.

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