OIES presents its Social Report and the expectations of the eSports sector

A growth that is not hasty but is certainly continuous and has interesting development prospects in various directions. OIES took a photo of the eSports sector in Italy as part of the 2022 Social Report presentation.

OIES: Social Report and future prospects

eSports room and OIES logo

The future of eSports in Italy from OIES

Step by step, eSports in Italy is becoming more and more significant in terms of numbers, both as a movement and as a business. OIES (Italian Esports Observatory) and its data say this 2022 Social Report, was recently introduced. In the presentation, the activities carried out in 2022, the results obtained and its impact on the gaming industry were explained.

The projects carried out by OIES cover 5 main themes: education, research, events, business development and institutional accreditation. Coming to the first point, OIES has organized events such as the Advanced Esports Program course, where it offers an innovative training method with 25 masterclasses and a training class of 22 experts and heroes in various capacities in the industry.

Another gem in the field of education is the program Jobs in EsportsFollowing training on entering the gaming business world. This is a path that brings satisfaction and growth, the publication of 46 OIES Badges and collaborations with 7 Italian universities. In total, the promotion of eSports and the business opportunities they offer included more than 100 hours of training.

eSports and business opportunities

possible in the OIES Social Report View the full document hereResearch activities have an important place. important work dissemination of gaming-related data and researchProduced 5 market studies, 2 Legal Manifestos, 3 on the relationship between gaming, Web3, metaverse and GenZ, aimed at raising awareness of the business opportunities available to companies and stakeholders.

It is crucial for eSports to strengthen and develop its community and turn it into a cultural tool to convince companies and institutions of the opportunities the sector offers. OIES for this Introduced the Meet and Business projectaims to bring companies closer to the world of gaming through innovative networking methods. As a result, 22 brands participated.

As a result of this, many other initiatives have emerged, especially social enterprises, such as the Esports Legal Forum, Esports Business Days and Alassio GameChain City, an interesting experiment of an innovation hub between gaming and blockchain. The institutional turning point came with the participation of some M5S parliamentarians, resulting in e-Sports Technical ReportIt took place in the House of Representatives in October.

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