Online play on CDM reorders with lotto contest, ADM news

The reorganization of online games is about to complete its institutional process: according to well-informed sources, it will come to the Council of Ministers for final approval this week. But this is not the only news in the industry.

Reorganization of online gaming with the Lotto competition on CDM

Game numbers and ministry

Online gaming remasters and other gaming news

Maybe we are there. According to “Il Messaggero”, citing very knowledgeable sources, online games need to be reorganized in the Council of Ministers this weekIt is expected to receive final approval. We would like to remind you that the process has not yet been concluded, given that the documents will then be forwarded to Brussels for a waiting period in the European Commission. But most has been done by Italian institutions.

In fact, quite tight deadlines required a pace that actually happened on the companies’ part. Standing Committees of the Parliament. The same commissions were not satisfied with just giving the green light and restarted the proposal by asking the Government to include the tender for the Lotto game, which expires in November 2025 and therefore has a limited deadline, and send it for approval.

We are therefore moving towards final approval for the remastering of online play. Customs and Excise Department Director Roberto Alesse He explained this in his speech at the Finance Commission recently. One of the first issues Alesse touched on was the increase in costs for new concessions; This was evaluated and motivated by a careful analysis of the market and a desire to reduce the number of dealers to around 50, he said.

Other news and ADM merger

Therefore, it is a very busy period for ADM and his manager. Also recently, Alesse announced a historic turning point for the Order: Consolidation of all offices in the regionThis will lead to a remarkable improvement in the services offered to citizens and, above all, at the administrative level. much smoother timelines The future is to face many new challenges.

The reorganization of the Customs and Excise Authority is more necessary than ever in a period of major reforms like the present. With general reform in public gamesAs the Director underlined in his speech at the Finance Commission, prohibitions and controls, especially regarding the protection of minors and the prevention of gambling addiction, will be strengthened.

There is also the ever-extremely important battle against the scourge of illegal gaming, which will keep ADM active at all times. Artificial Intelligence based toolsIt is also useful in detecting fraud and tax evasion. Director Alesse gave the only negative opinion on the shared liquidity hypothesis in online poker, which he considered still carries too much risk in terms of money laundering.

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