Operation Nostalgia and SKS365, the new rally in 2024

It was one of the most successful events last year, both in terms of attendance and related philanthropic initiatives. Let’s talk about Operation Nostalgia, which will return again in 2024, this time in Salerno, in partnership with Planetwin365.news.

Operation Nostalgia returns to Salerno in 2024

Arechi Stadium, Operation Nostalgia logo and Planetwin.news logo

Planetwin.news and Operation Nostalgia: New meeting in Salerno

Totti and Del Piero face each other again, along with many champions who have entered people’s hearts, such as Diego Milito, Totò Di Natale, Javier Zanetti and others. These are very strong ingredients for any football fan and in fact Operation Nostalgia 2023 rally A success beyond all expectations was achieved, with approximately 14 thousand people gathering in Ferrara.

It was inevitable that there would be a continuation of all this, and in fact the initiative will return with other events this year. First Date set for 2024 next June 8 in Salerno. And as they say in these situations, you cannot change the winning team. The initiative was born from the collaboration between the popular community “Operazione Nostalgia” and the SKS365 group’s infotainment and sports information portal Planetwin365.news.

Planning for the event is at an extremely advanced stage. It is already possible to buy tickets. It can be purchased via TicketOne, at special sales points at Arechi Stadium, which will host the event, as well as at PlanetPay365 sales points, SKS365 Group’s digital services platform.

Nostalgia and solidarity

It’s not the first time the past has come back as a hero, and it doesn’t just happen in football. However, there are of course very specific reasons why initiatives such as “Operation Nostalgia” are so popular. Difficult period for Italian footballIt allows us to look at the times when great champions played in Serie A, both for the clubs and the national team, who gave morale to our youth.

These are touching keys that always involve people emotionally. too many peopleand Planetwin365 has done a great job being a part of it. The history of the initiative goes back much further than this Lottomatica acquired SKS365 for 639 million. However, as is often the case with these acquisitions, the absorbed companies retain their own identity and a certain freedom of initiative, especially in terms of brand activation.

This time the situation is the same and Planetwin365.news will once again be able to talk about the unforgettable days of both sports and solidarity. There was a charity initiative launched in 2023. Javier Zanetti on behalf of the PUPI Foundation. Let’s see what’s in the program this year and who will be there. For now, the presence of Salernitana’s true icon, Luca Fusco, who holds the Serie A appearance record, has been announced.

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