Palasino: Victories for Wohlmertsberger and Lindenberger

There were good numbers yesterday, January 13th, at the €70 Ultra Deepstack at the Palasino Wullowitz, and the field at the Palasino Casino Excalibur City was also impressive.

At Palasino Excalibur City there is a €40 NLH tournament where the player plays with 30,000 chips and 20 minutes of levels with a prize of €6,000. 67 starters and 69 re-entries came together and so the guarantee was missed, after deducting the 10% fee there was €5,400 waiting in the pot and so there was still no overlay. €1,512 awaited the winner, the last four agreed on a deal that gave Andreas Wohlmertsberger €868, while Helmut Riedl received €866 in second place.

rank Surname Prize money Act
1 Wohlmertsberger Andreas €1,512 €868
2 Riedl Helmut €918 €866
3 Šebesta Lukáš €572 €866
4 Master Luboš €464 €866
5 Riczak Michal 410€
6 Musil Tomas €286
7 Fahimi Rad Ahmad 232€
8th Sandulean Daniel 178€
9 Šustr Radomil 150€
10 Kruliš Jiří 113€
11 Frasl Gerhard 113€
12 Teofilovic Sasa 113€
13 Brabenec Friedrich 113€
14 Dirnberger Stefan Erich 113€
15 Summer Thomas 113€

Normally there is no tournament on Saturdays at Palasino Wullowitz, but yesterday there was an invitation to the €70 Ultra Deepstack. With 50,000 chips and 20 minute levels from the table, €10,000 is guaranteed. The Ultra Deepstack format is used in the Excalibur City in large format, also in Wullowitz, and is subject to participation – all rules with 71 starters and 21 re-entries, which do not guarantee these and must be played. After deducting the 10% fee there was €9,000 in the pot, the 11 were supposed to take money after a bubble deal. In the end, winner Martin Lindenberger was able to celebrate €2,600.

rank Surname Prize money
1 Martin Lindenberger €2,600
2 Alexander Urban €1,800
3 Blochl Mario €1,080
4 Křížek Vladimir 855€
5 Capic Vedran 720€
6 Bradac Marek 540€
7 Capic Sasa 450€
8th Kolařík Martin 360€
9 Kudláček Daniel 270€
10 Georg Werkhausen 225€
11 Petr Shtech 100€

As already mentioned, there are regular casino programs with rebuy rounds, the cash games start after 1/3 NLH. 2 €/2 PLO (minimum purchase price 100 €). Information about what is on offer in the Palasino Casinos can be found on the website or on the Palasino Poker Facebook page.

The tournaments at Palasino Excalibur City:

The tournaments in the Palasino Wullowitz:

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