Poker Gossip – Polk calls Matusow heads-up

$1,000/$2,000 limit Omaha 8 heads-up. Doug Polk challenges Mik Matusow. However, it remains to be seen whether the poker pro will actually pick up the cards.

Doug Polk, hardly anyone else knows how to present themselves and their products. Not with Mike Matusow and a new high stakes heads-up is a new game.

The Mouth appears on Twitter asking where Stud8 and Omaha8 are running a training platform so that many more mixed games are set to start. A survey should bring the decision.

Stupid no, that Matusow also allowed the answer “You can’t do anything, leave it alone” and more than 60% of those surveyed chose this option. Polk couldn’t help but comment: “Hello police officer, I would like to report a crime.”

Mike Matusow repeated the bait and promptly railed against Polk: “We can do Omaha 8.” [und] Stud 8 heads-up to play as high stakes as you want if you think you’re that good.”

Polk then suggested $1,000/$2,000 Omaha Hi-Lo, but on the condition that Matusow play at Polk’s Poker Room in Texas. Matusow then gave a promise on the condition that there would either be no live stream or at least the hole cards would not be streamed. It remains to be seen whether the 55-year-old will actually raise the money to sit down at the table with Polk.

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