Snaitech together with Italian Special Olympics, also in 2024

Snaitech has been supporting all Special Olympics Italy events with dedication and belief since 2017. Now, on the occasion of the XXXV National Winter Games, the company will continue volunteering by sending its employees to support the athletes.

Snaitech and Special Olympics: combination continues

Snaitech and Special Olympics logo

Snaitech is at the Italian Special Olympics again

Snaitech has been firmly involved in CSR, its English acronym, for a long time. Corporate Social Responsibilityor the social responsibility of companies. It supports various projects based on solidarity and participation through the iZilove Foundation, which the group created specifically to deal with good causes. One of Snaitech’s most solid partnerships is its partnership with Special Olympics Italy.

It all started in 2017 with a fundraiser to support the Italian delegation’s participation in the Special Olympics World Games in Austria. On the streets since then Snaitech and Special Olympics Italy Their paths crossed frequently in a relationship that went far beyond simple economic support. This is evidenced by the next, imminent joint commitment: the XXXV National Winter Games.

The sports event, which will cover Alpine Skiing, Cross-Country Skiing and Snowboarding, will be held in Sestriere and Pragelato between 4-8 March. On this occasion, Snaitech will send some of its employees to the Games, will support current Italian athletes. A volunteer activity that becomes a moment of personal enrichment for everyone, as well as an experience that is hard to forget.

Snaitech and enriching solidarity

As he rightly points out Special Olympics Italy websiteThe upcoming Piedmontese event will have a very important sporting value. XXXV National Winter Games actually Test Event for the Winter World Games It will be held again in Italy in 2025. Around 600 athletes, mostly “private”, are expected in Sestriere and Pragelato in the next few days.

Special Olympics Italy’s mission is actually mentally disabled athletesWe educate them and support people and their families 360 degrees through a sport that promotes true inclusion. In all this, iZilove Foundation also plays an important role in terms of logistics; because it offers its own spaces to organize events and awards, as well as corporate volunteering.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Snaitech evaluates this partnership as follows: a true flagship. In fact, Lavinia Pupelli, who manages the group’s Human Resources and Organization department, said she was excited about the commitment of her colleagues who managed to make a tangible impact on the lives of these children and their families and experience unique experiences.

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