Teams with the most fans in the world: Ranking will surprise you

Can you develop a ranking that tries to determine the number of fans of the world’s most popular football teams? Someone tried it and it was estimated that 4 Italian companies would be among the top 15.

Teams with the most fans in the world: top 15

Top 15 teams with the most fans in the world

Knowing how many fans a football team has in the world is not an easy task. Zeelo portal tried this and top 15 ranking adopting a set of criteria, including following and sales figures on social networks. The result is a classification that is sometimes surprising and perhaps not indisputable, but it is an attempt.

The team at the top of this ranking is certainly not surprising because Manchester United was known as one of the most followed football clubs in the world. THEM Red Devils has around 650 million fans In the world. Sir Alex Ferguson’s long winning cycle and various champions such as Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham are among the reasons for these incredible numbers.

As a result, second place was also predictable, because this is Barcelona. This Blaugrana club has around 450 million fans, even a hundred million more than their fierce rivals, Real Madrid, which is third with exactly 350 million fans worldwide. Instead, a surprise comes. We find Chelsea in 4th place with 145 million.

Italian teams in these top 15

Chelsea fourth, Arsenal fifth (125m) and above all Manchester City sixth (110m) show how much more relevant this ranking is to current events than it has been in the past. Today City are an ultra-winning club, but up until 10 years ago they were a derivative in sports history. In its place, For Italians, the opposite is true..

The very difficult economic situation of our football greatly affects its international appeal. In any case, it’s surprising and not a bit to find Juventus is “only” thirteenth with 27 million fans. Certainly 9 titles in a row are behind us and there is a delicate situation between the Juventus club. various investigations and final agreement.

The Old Lady has only 5 million more fans than Roma (22 million and 14th shared with Borussia Dortmund), half of 9th-ranked Inter (55 million) and even Less than a third of those in Milan (95 million)Being the first Italian club in this ranking, they finished in 8th place. PSG and Tottenham, both in 11th place, are ahead of Juve with an estimated 35 million fans each. The list is completed by Liverpool in 7th place with 100 million fans and Bayern Munich in 10th place with 45 million fans worldwide.

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