The most successful football players of all time

If we ask who, in your opinion, are the most successful football players of all time, the first name that comes to mind will be Lionel Messi. What about others? The Argentinian star is at the top of the list consisting of legends and some unexpected names. This is me.

The most successful football players: the podium

The most successful football players in history

Everything has already been written and said about Lionel Messi’s greatness, technique and skills. 36-year-old Pulce, who has become Inter Miami’s reference point, continues to make a name for himself abroad. And it is definitely his new team that has made him this way. new record holder in special ranking: the most successful football players of all time.

The American club also won its first cup in history, crowning Messi as the record holder among the world’s most successful football players. Today, Argentinian can boast 44 trophies He is one cup behind the man on the second step of the podium: Dani Alves, Messi’s former teammate at the unbeaten Barcelona.

The first real surprise comes in step three where we find Sir Kenny Dalglish, a name that will only resonate with big football fans. The Scottish striker, who retired from football in 1990, is considered one of the best footballers of his generation and beyond. Collected 51 trophies39 of them are football players and 12 are coaches.

Top 10 of the most successful football players

We explained who the 3 most successful football players in history are. However, this ranking includes not only the former greats of Guardiola’s Barcelona, ​​but also some names that may surprise many people. Here it is The 10 most successful football players of all time.

Manuel Neuer

The German super goalkeeper, who has not yet fully returned due to his serious injury (fracture of his tibia as a result of falling from skis), was the name that opened our ranking. In 2011, he moved from Schalke 04 to Bayern Munich and won the most trophies with the Bavarian team: 33 in careerThese include 11 national championships with Bayern, 6 German Cups, 7 German Super Cups and 1 German La Liga Cup. At international level there are also 2 Champions Leagues, 2 EUFA Super Cups and 2 Club World Cups. There was no shortage of success in the national team, including the 2014 World Cup.

Vitor Baia

Another super successful but no longer active goalkeeper is Vitor Baìa. He hung up his gloves in 2007, when he split his career between Porto and Barcelona, ​​to which the Portuguese national team should also be added. He is one of the few players to be deemed worthy of this award. 3 main UEFA club competitions. Porto is the club that has made him win the most: 10 Portuguese championships, 7 Portuguese Super Cups, 5 Portuguese Cups, 1 UEFA Cup, 1 Champions League and 1 Intercontinental Cup.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Messi’s arch-rival is “only” eighth in 34 cups. We know he will win wherever he goes, and CR7 has proven it once again, even though many thought he had retired from a championship that now had little to offer in terms of fun and games. The 34th cup was the Arab Clubs Champions Cup won by Al-Nassr. Of course, the championships won with Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus, the Champions League and the 2016 European Championship with Portugal are also added to this.

Ryan Giggs

Not only is Giggs ranked 7th among the most successful footballers, he is also considered one of the best English footballers ever. Flag of Manchester United, who he played for and with whom he played until 2014 won 36 trophies: He is the most successful player in the club’s history. It would take a separate article to list the records of this athlete, who is currently co-owner of Salford City.


Maxwell Scherrer Cabelino Andrade, known to everyone as Maxwell, is a former Brazilian football player currently supported by PSG’s DS. He also played for Inter in Italy from 2006 to 2009 and won 3 Scudetti and 2 Italian Super Cups with this team. Total 37 trophies won in his career. There are several clubs for which he played and achieved glory: in chronological order, Ajax, Inter, Barcelona and PSG, where he ended his professional career in 2017.

gerard pique

Gerard Piqué is not only Shakira’s ex-husband, but also one of the top 5 among the most successful football players in the world. Also for Spanish There are 37 trophies in the winners list But contrary to popular belief, not all of them came with the Barcelona team, of which he was the flagship from 2008 to 2023. Piqué’s career actually started at Manchester United in 2005. He won a championship with the British. , a Community Shield and an English League Cup. To the club’s successes should be added the World Cup and European Championships won with the Red Furies.

Andres Iniesta

Don Andrés is considered one of the best midfielders in football history and it is no surprise that he is still active despite being 39 years old. He is currently at the Emirates, but Iniesta has become one of the most successful footballers, above all with Barcelona and the Spanish national team. The illusionist has 38 trophies in his cabinet 2 of them reached the end of their careers in the Land of the Rising Sun. In fact, he won the Japanese Super Cup and the Emperor’s Cup with Vissel Kobe. Some GOATs have no age.

Dani Alves

We can say that playing constantly for Guardiola’s Barcelona contributed to many people’s ranking in this ranking. Dani Alves is no exception. The Brazilian defender enjoyed the Blaugrana golden cycle between the Champions League and La Liga from 2008 to 2016, before continuing to collect by moving to Juventus and PSG. trophies, 43 for him. It is also a Olympic gold with the Brazilian national team.

Lionel Messi

In the list of the most successful football players of all time, as we predicted, the top step of the podium is; Lionel Messi, 44 years old. For him, most of the trophies came with Barcelona, ​​where he spent almost 20 years, from 2003 until 2021, when he started with Barcelona C. Then came PSG and Inter Miami, and as we said for Cristiano Ronaldo, it doesn’t matter. if people give it to you on sunset boulevard, because where the Flea goes, new cups come.

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