The most successful presidents in football history: Berlusconi

Is the number of trophies won or their value more important? The numerical is certainly the more universal criterion for identifying the most successful presidents in football history. Among them is Silvio Berlusconi.

The most successful football presidents of all time

The most successful football presidents

What does El Faisaly have to do with Real Madrid? And Milan and Al-Ahly? Apparently very little. Still, the heads of these teams – past and present – got into a special club in their own way, winning big trophies. List The most successful presidents in football history It is led by dean Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa, who has served as the head of Porto for 41 consecutive years.

Pinto, who is the leader of the white-dark blue people today, something like 67 trophies on your board, the vast majority of which came nationally. But in addition to 59 championships, cups and Portuguese super cups during his presidential years, Pinto can also boast 2 Champions Leagues, 2 Intercontinental Cups and 2 Europa Leagues.

In 2nd place is Majed Al-Adwan, several times president of the Arabs of Al-Faisaly, with 47 trophies ahead of Egyptian Mohamed Saleh Selim of Al-Ahly with 32 trophies. With all due respect, none of them can be compared to Florentino Perez, who is 4th in the standings. 31 trophies won with Real Madrid. And among whites it is always 5th in the standings, with the legendary Santiago Bernabeu 29 victories.

More successful presidents, and then Berlusconi

If Florentino Perez and the Santiago Bernabeu are very high profile presidents whose 60 trophies are definitely numerically more valuable than the most successful ones, A similar discourse applies to Silvio Berlusconi.. Former prime minister who recently passed away in 1986 took over Milan To save it from bankruptcy in Italy, but above all in Europe, and bring it to the pinnacle of success in a short time.

From the visionary signing of Arrigo Sacchi to a long streak of champions brought to the Rossoneri, Silvio Berlusconi has tied his name not only to Milan’s long winning streak, but also to a style of play that he wanted, almost demanded. Milan defended himself. so they came 8 league titles, 5 European Cup/Champions League, 3 Club World Cups and more.

in the number of 29 trophies won by Milan Obviously, the years that Berlusconi was not technically the head of Milan, but merely the owner are also taken into account. In any case, in today’s football dominated by investment funds and foreign capital, Berlusconi’s is the last major cycle of an Italian businessman who made a club great in his country.

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