ADM plans and investments regarding the new tender for the lotto game

The lottery game will be a real battleground in the coming months: ADM – Customs and Excise Authority – is investing in innovating the system, taking into account the new competition that is expected to be fierce.

ADM: New investments with Lotto in the background

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ADM’s new three-year plan

The Lotto Game, the oldest in the Italian tradition, is in danger of turning into a battlefield in the near future. With termination of existing privilege The Meloni Government and the MEF, which will arrive in November 2025, have long expressed their intention to raise cash, and the Customs and Excise Authority is only moving into implementation, as evidenced by the 2024-2026 three-year investment plan.

The plan recently presented by ADM includes various items indirectly related to the future of the Lotto game. For example, in the “Evolution of Monopolistic Systems” section, Three-year investment of 12 million eurosImproving IT tools and increasing the efficiency of the administrative system, as well as developing new functions to assist dealers and control the regularity of the offer.

Another important item of this three-year plan is the department. Anti-fraud system and controls. This is a key element of ADM’s impressive overall modernization drive, which aims to use advanced tools such as Business Intelligence and Data Analytics to combat tax evasion and money laundering. The amount invested in this sector is 29 million euros.

Lotto is a very rich competition

Those mentioned and other items in ADM’s three-year investment plan are for the future, although not immediate. Competition for the appointment of the lotto game. The government’s starting bid is for a tender of 1 billion euros but the figures could rise. The two most accredited competitors at the moment appear to be franchisee Lottomatica and Sisal.

Modernizing the agency and expanding gaming offers are essential requirements to create the conditions for a tender that will bring as much money as possible into state coffers. ADM director Roberto Alesse knows this wellIn fact, it mainly focuses on new technologies that will be used in the field of informatics, such as Artificial Intelligence. Prevention of gambling addiction and underage gambling.

Therefore, ADM is preparing to revise its outlook in anticipation of the opening of a tender for the allocation of the Lotto game, the date of which is not yet known but has received basic approval. There House Finance Committee He even approved the dealer by estimating the starting price reasonably, taking into account a premium (he set it at 6%) that would make the business profitable.

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