Admiral Gaming Network was born, Novomatic Italia was consolidated

Novomatic Italia is solidifying itself as one of the gaming giants in Italy, thanks to a recent internal merger. The partnership with HBG Connex resulted in the group’s new network franchisee, Admiral Gaming Network.

AGN, Admiral Gaming Network was born: this is it

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Big changes at Novomatic Italia

Novomatic Italia Group is aiming higher and higher and has started a brand new phase. The merger between the two main franchisees, Admiral Gaming Network (AGN) and HBG Connex, has resulted in the emergence of a new single entity that will be the group’s new network franchisee and will be named after one of the two: ADMIRAL Gaming Networkopenly.

It all comes to Novomatic in December 2022 Acquired control of HBG Gamingis a company that has been a leader in the retail industry for years, especially in bingo halls, where it is and continues to be the clear market leader. With this move, AGN becomes one of the most important network concessionaires in the national region, especially for AWP and VLT.

As the chairman of AGN Antonio Porsia explains, the new reality will have the task of constantly maintaining high standards in terms of service. safety and suitability of services provided to its partners and customers. However, the commitment undertaken by Admiral Gaming Network, as a pioneer of the Italian public gaming sector, has not only a strategic but also a value-based value and is always in the name of transparency and reliability.

Novomatic Italia sets out for the future

Maybe it’s a coincidence that this strategic move of the Novomatic Italia group took place at a time like now, but maybe not. Actually breaking news Green light from CDM to reorganize online gamesin the sense of The path to reform is now open and it is very difficult to go back.

Therefore, we are moving towards the scenario that the Meloni Government has chosen, with a much smaller number of concessionaires, leaving the tax revenue of the sector unchanged, or rather increasing it if possible. Such a scenario is a kind of premise. gaming oligarchyLarger players have a much higher chance of success, while some other small and medium-sized operators will have no choice but to try to form a consortium.

Therefore, having an ultra-strong entity like the Novomatic Italia group and a single, simplified and strengthened network franchise like the Admiral Gaming Network is an opportunity to become a leading player in the near future of the Italian public gaming world. In addition, Novomatic also 2% of Lottoitalia srl, the owner of a certain privilege. And even in this situation, a new race is at the door.

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