Tender announcement for new concessions: possible scenarios

The legal public gaming industry is boiling, or rather, anxiously awaiting the new tender. While the conditions set by the Meloni Government remain unclear, price increases need to be confirmed. Here are the updates.

Online game call for tenders: what is being cooked

New public gaming concessions: what’s new?

It is not an exaggeration to describe a crucial moment in the Italian legal public gaming industry. In fact, operators are excitedly waiting for the new version to be released. Call for tenders for new concessions It’s about online games. The content of this announcement has been the subject of speculation for weeks, and while some rumors now appear to be confirmed, there are still many points that need to be clarified.

One point that now seems certain is the cost that must be paid for each new concession. 7 million euros. This has created a lot of concern among operators, some of whom are destined to give up or at least back down. However, some experts have examined possible scenarios to better understand the true economic impact of this increase in costs.

According to Agimeg’s news, the 7 million dollars to be paid should be spread over the entire concession period, that is, 9 years. For this reason, Annual expense will be 778 thousand euros. This is still a significant expenditure and will eliminate at least a third of the approximately 90 operators who currently hold the concession. What is important is how many of these privileges will be sustainable.

How much will the state collect from how many operators?

Therefore, we are waiting for the coveted tender notice to appear on the screen Website of the Customs and Monopolies DepartmentLet’s try to better understand where the Meloni Government wants to go in this long negotiation with the gaming industry. The draft decree law, which will of course include the announcement and was prepared by the commission chaired by the same. ADM president Roberto Alessecaused concern.

According to the estimates mentioned above, approximately 50 dealers will still be able to generate revenues of over one million euros after deducting management costs. Instead, there may be around 40 dealers who could generate annual revenue, again after deducting new licenses and management costs. exceeded 5 million euros.

Approval of skins could, on the one hand, lead some operators to purchase more licenses in order not to lose gaming volume, and on the other hand, smaller operators could group together to join the competition. MEF and its president Giancarlo Giorgetti need to make money from the race approximately 300 million eurostaking into account the remaining bookmakers and possible consortia.

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