Asia Argento, Morgan and the Selinunte controversies: “I’d better keep quiet”

Asia Argento and daughter Anna Lou were guests on the last episode of very correctwhich was broadcast on Saturday September 16th on Canale 5. During the interview the actress he talked about his current relationship with Morganher ex-partner (and father of her eldest daughter) and current X Factor judge.

Very true, Asia Argento and her relationships with Morgan today

“He and I we don’t have a relationship, every now and then he sends me music, for example in the evening I get a few songs that he sends me. He is always an interesting artist. I think he was the great love of my life, but If you love yourself too much, you will find it difficult to love others too“, the director liked to emphasize. The reference is also inevitable to the recent events in which the singer was sadly the protagonist in Selinunte (and which deeply outraged the Internet).: “I believe in his potential as a musician, not the person talking on TV. I don’t feel like saying much about what he said recently, I’d better keep quietArgento said.

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