Djokovic is one step away from history

He is already a legend and has been for several years, but Novak Djokovic’s career never stops breaking records. The 2023 US Open is the 24th Grand Slam tournament won: -1 from the all-time record.

Tennis Grand Slam: Here’s who has won the most

Novak Djokovic scored 24 Slams: -1 all-time record

With an unstoppable show at Flushing Meadows, Novak Djokovic is increasingly becoming a living tennis legend. The 2023 US Open is actually his 24th Grand Slam tournament victory. He is a figure that places him even higher in the history of this sport, in which he is already the most successful at the men’s level, and now there is a risk of him being this successful in general.

24 Slams Margaret Court draw winsThe Australian and world tennis legend was champion between 1960 and 1973 and retired in 1977. Crazy numbers that become even more incredible when you look at the champions Djokovic and Court left behind. Serena Williams remains 23 years old despite retiring last year.

Even a very talented person Rafa Nadal remains 23 years old. The Spaniard has not retired yet, but it is becoming increasingly difficult for him to return to being competitive at the high levels to which he is accustomed: there are too many physical ailments for the Majorcan champion. Roger Federer, on the other hand, had already given up last year after winning 20 Slams and remaining among the most aesthetically gorgeous tennis players ever.

Because there will be no one like Novak Djokovic anymore

So Novak Djokovic will surpass Margaret Court by winning another Grand Slam tournament and The most successful tennis player in tennis history. But even if Nole remains a character, he remains inaccessible on the field in many ways. Too divisive to be a favorite non-stop.

But what they do and do on the tennis courts remains spatial, almost alien. And there are various elements that make it practically abstract. think about the number Grand Slam tournaments won after age 30: Twelve in fact, almost the number of Slams won in his career by another dominator of his era like “Pistol” Pete Sampras.

When we look at the record Margaret Court shared with him, we better understand why it is so difficult for anyone to one day do better than a Serb. In the time of the Australian champion, 3 of 4 tournaments were played on grassand 13 of the 24 victories came in non-professional form. We’ll need another Serena or a new Steffi Graf to repeat those numbers, but that’s (probably) a long shot.

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