Beckham series and the best documentaries about football players

David Beckham is one of the most influential athletes of all time. His technical skills, especially his charm, have turned him into a global celebrity far beyond sports. A series on Netflix tells the story without filters.

Beckham and the transformation of contemporary football

The Beckham series is more than just an extraordinary documentary about one of the most famous football players of all time. Rather, it is the story of how a boy of humble origins, born and raised in a working-class suburb of London, gets by with his wife, Victoria. building an incredible business empire.

“Beckham” not only focuses on the figure of the former right winger of Manchester United, Real Madrid, Milan, Paris Saint German, but also through the telling of his story, One of the most famous couples in the entertainment world. The ups and downs, the celebrities and the failures are shown everywhere and with a constant presence: Victoria, always looking out for David.

The best documentaries about Beckham and football players

Unlike her husband, the former Posh Spice shows a more personal dimension of herself in this series, sometimes nostalgically reminiscing about the times of the Spice Girls and focusing above all on her daily life. It is he who is interested in David’s image, in a way he is himself (at least by watching the series this can be understood), he has created a model of an athlete. He went beyond the limits of sportsIt becomes an idol, an icon for millions of people on the planet.

Beckham talks about his beginnings, his mother is a hairdresser, his father is a furniture assembler, and he does not shy away from criticism even after scoring a sensational goal in his first season at Manchester United. And then we talk Sir Alex Ferguson is a kind of second fatherThe person who shaped Beckham’s talent and personality. However, the hero of the series is not sports, but the man, boy and human being who are considered among the most beautiful and fascinating creatures in the world.

For example, the Netflix series “Beckham” shows: Victoria and David are still in love from each other. As they both stated many times, it was love at first sight when he left her his phone number while buying a plane ticket and called her again a few hours later: The year was 1997.

The series also focuses on England’s elimination from the 1998 World Cup; This is the starting point for many fans. Attributed to the red card received by Beckham against Argentina After the reaction to Diego Simeoneand this will lead to the British number 7 becoming public enemy number one.

As an absolute idol, British tabloids begin to insult him, people on the street spit at him: the series meticulously reconstructs how, in a matter of days, an entire nation launched an attack on Beckham and destroyed him. In addition, the documentary series covers the period in Spain, how Victoria did not want to move to Madrid, Chiaroscuro era on the field and a move with great fanfare to the Los Angeles Galaxy, which marked the twilight phase of his career, in a league David did not enjoy but which suited his wife just fine.

From then on, Beckham takes his game even further, if possible A successful entrepreneur and sex symbol status. He is one of the owners of Inter Miami, he is a beekeeper, and his wife designs clothes. David and Victoria’s story is not over yet.

Other monographic documentaries about football not to be missed

The one about David Beckham is just the latest in a trend of documentaries focusing on football, and particularly biographical documentaries about characters who, for a variety of reasons, have made football’s increasingly successful history. For example, Netflix always comes out like this these days: Higuita series The Way of the ScorpionA work that retells the bold transformations of René Higuita, the legendary Colombian goalkeeper of the 80s and 90s.

Remains outstanding Maradona, Emir KusturicaShot in 2008, a cross between film and documentary, this film offers an unprecedented look at the greatest football player of all time. Additionally, Asif Kapadia’s 2019 film Maradona in “Diez” is unique in that it was created from more than 500 hours of footage recovered from Diego Armando’s personal archives.

“Messi”, shot by the BBC in 2022, is a work that cannot be missed without being mentioned when discussing it. documentary monographs on football. Focusing on the figure of the great Argentine talent, the film follows Pulga’s entire career over a period of time, reconstructing his many achievements and the most difficult moments of his life as a man and a football player.

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