New regulation regarding odds errors and betting bonuses

With two detailed decisions, the Customs and Monopoly Office has cleared up doubts about two important issues for the betting market: odds errors and new rules for betting bonuses.

Quota error, what the new ADM regulation says

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Odds error and betting bonus: ADM rules

The sports betting market had put its priorities on hold for a while and the solution to this problem was eagerly awaited as it was asked to solve sensitive problems. First, let’s talk about this quota error situationsA case that led to various legal actions between bookmakers and operators due to disputed bets: winning according to the bookmaker, being subject to an odds error according to the bookmaker and therefore not being paid out.

Many meetings were held between Customs and Monopoly Authority (ADM) officials and representatives of gaming operators. The aim was: Avoid legal action whenever possibleIt protects both the bettor’s rights and the operator’s needs. The summary of this study, which includes all the details on the subject, was published with appropriate approval.

The types of bets for which recognition of odds error can be requested, as well as the methods by which it can be requested by the operator (a practice offered by ADM) and the criteria for calculating the weighted average value, i.e. average market share on the basis that the bettor will be entitled to receive payment. This value is based on all rates recorded in the national aggregator.

ADM: new rules on betting bonuses

The decisions of the Customs and Excise Authority were awaited with great curiosity, because Italian legal public gaming operators would soon have to renew their privileges. cost increased 28 times. For this reason, companies in the gaming industry need More guarantees, even on sensitive issues such as odds error, but also regarding the limits of betting bonuses.

Exactly this issue was the subject of a second observation by ADM director Roberto Alesse in a document published shortly after. In decision Various possible types of bonuses that can be paid have been identified (full winnings bonus, reduced winnings or bonus winnings). In general, the bonus that can be used for fixed odds betting cannot exceed €100.

Additionally, the rules regarding the maximum amount of bonuses that can be paid out each month are set in the betting regulations (10% of the average of bonuses for the previous two months). It was also clarified Relationship between bonuses and single tax: For the purpose of calculating the individual tax, both the bonuses used and the amounts paid to the player are included in the calculation of the amounts played and the winnings paid.

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