Eurobet hosts Virtual Sports TV Virtual Plus

Eurobet is expanding the boundaries of innovation applied to the betting industry and offering an increasingly engaging gaming experience even in a virtual environment. It is called “Virtual Plus” and is a TV dedicated to the world of virtual betting.

Virtual Plus: what is the new Eurobet TV

Virtual Plus from Eurobet

Eurobet, TV Virtual Plus is coming

While innovation might not have been something you would have had trouble even thinking about a few years ago, what is real now? The most current example of all this comes from the gaming industry and from an operator that has historically given great importance to everything that technology has to offer: Eurobet. Entain group company made a statement Important news in the virtual betting segment.

This Virtual Plus is a Real TV dedicated to Virtual SportsIt includes all channels of Eurobet’s Virtual offer and is generally available in Eurobet Retail stores. The initiative was created to increase engagement from users who will be able to view content from every broadcast channel in the agency on their devices by scanning a specific QR Code.

Virtual Plus was created In collaboration with VermantiaA Greek company specializing in providing services to igaming companies. The TV allows the player to move freely on the home page of the Eurobet Virtual offer, choose the color of the favorite channel and comfortably watch it in full screen on his device. It will also be possible to do real “zapping” by switching from one channel to another.

The future of betting, including Eurobet and virtual betting

All indicators, starting from comparing January data with the same period of 2023, make us think that this may happen. A pivotal year for online gaming. Eurobet’s move and its investment in TV dedicated to Virtual Sports together with Vermantia must be read in perspective and what emerges in this case ADM Blue Book 2022.

Online betting is currently experiencing rapid growth and Virtual Sports is a niche but very important for several reasons. On the one hand, they represent entertainment unrelated to sports programs it is real, so it can be used by players whenever they want. However, another issue is also very important in Eurobet’s transition to Virtual Plus.

In fact, if the user has some kind of control on the one hand where he can decide what to watch, the playability of these events will not be enabled in the new dedicated TV service, but continues to be exclusive to stores. In this way, Eurobet, on the one hand, offers the user a new and immersive gaming experience, and on the other hand, invites them to go out and visit the agency for versatile entertainment.

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