First approval for gaming industry reregulation

Surprisingly, the Council of Ministers approved the decree stipulating the reorganization of the gaming industry according to the online sector, in preliminary examination, compared to the predictions that it would be postponed to 2024.

Reregulation of the gaming industry: First approval from the Council of Ministers

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First, yes to the reorganization of the gaming industry

The timing was a bit surprising, because there were now rumors circulating in many circles that it would be postponed to the first months of 2024. Instead, a decree law stipulating the reorganization of the sector was brought to the agenda at the Council of Ministers dated December 19. games. AND The Council of Ministers approvedAlthough it is at the preliminary examination stage or pending parliamentary considerations.

Therefore, the time from now until final approval will not be very short, but the step taken today is a very important step that has been awaited for years. In fact, there is clear satisfaction in both the Meloni Government and the MEF. deputy minister Maurizio Leo announced the end of the extension season by preparing a general framework for defining the entire system and announcing new online game tenders.

So what does this decree reveal? Firstly, Creates separate paths between remote gaming and physical network, the existing regulations for this remain valid. This caused a lot of stomachaches in the industry, especially in the AGSI (Association of Italian Betting Managers), which preferred to postpone the restructuring in order to approach it in a unitary way and thus better protect the physical sector (bookmakers, PVR and so on). ).

Remastered: major new features coming soon

Beyond the distinction between physical gaming and online gaming that has caused so much controversy, the content of the decree approved in the first place is more or less already known, or rather has been widely predicted by the media. Including IlSole24 Ore. The most important measure from an economic point of view is formalization. online tender announcementRumors about the price of 7 million euros for each concession were confirmed.

The maximum duration of the concession is determined as 9 years, excluding renewal. Each operator will have to comply with an increasing number of requirements, from the traceability of financial flows linked to the game to the payment of 3% on the net margin as annual commission and, of course, the application of the following rules: opposite of pathological gamblingand greater obligations regarding inheritance and anti-money laundering.

The Decree Law on the reregulation of the gaming sector also establishes the permanent consultation on public gaming adopted in Italy for appropriate monitoring activities. Criteria are then set out to further protect players and strengthen the fight against illegal and underage gambling. Finally, a Sign up to research and save PVRs operates in the region.

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