Grand Casino Liechtenstein: ICM deal at PKO

The PKO worth CHF 180 + 80 + 20 will be spent on December 18th at the Liechtenstein Poker Festival in the Grand Casino Liechtenstein for variety, in the end it’s a deal.

CHF 10,000 was guaranteed, and with 37 starters and 7 re-entries we easily exceeded it. CHF 3,760 went to the bounties, and CHF 8,460 was distributed to the first five places. Bought with 30,000 chips and 20 minutes of levels, CHF 3,130 awaited the winner. The information is assigned to a deal, the rewards and prices are added to the ICM. Mark was happy about the victory and CHF 2,710.

Here too there is a side event, CHF 4,000 waiting after CHF 100 + 10 closers (20k/20′). The cash games generally start with blinds of CHF 1/3 NLH or CHF 1/1 PLO. All details about the poker floor at the Grand Casino Liechtenstein can be found on the Poker Facebook page and on the website Under You’ll find out more about the live action and the details next time.

Place First name Last name Nickname country Prize money Act
1 TO MARK EN 3,130 CHF 2,710 CHF
3 MY AT 1,375 CHF 2,050 CHF
4 MELNEK Ch 995 CHF 1,985 CHF
5 GIORGIO73 Ch 805 CHF

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