From Rabiot to Mbappé, all the most important players are expiring

Although there are two official windows, one of which is about to start, the transfer market is now active all year round. Let’s see who are the important names who can change jerseys besides Mbappé and Rabiot?

Serie A deadlines: Rabiot and other big names in the balance

Footballers are at work, the deadline is written as 2024

Players expiring in 2024, from Kroos to Mbappé

Although transfer market pages are written and read throughout the year, the two moments when this “circus” comes to the fore are the summer window and the Christmas period, which marks the beginning of the winter window. This year, we may see a few more surprises in the so-called “repair” market. Players whose contracts expire in 2024 in our championship.

The first name is Adrien Rabiot. The French Juventus midfielder was surprisingly renewed for just one year last summer. Today the former PSG has become the leader and driving force of the Bianconeri, so the topic of renewal has become relevant again. Mother-manager Veronique is Rumors that an agreement has been reached with Juve are denied. In other words: it will be long.

Another case that could spice up the next few weeks is Piotr Zielinski’s. The twenty-nine-year-old Polish midfielder has been playing for Napoli for 8 years, Juventus and especially Inter are interested in him, but the possibility of a renewal cannot be ruled out. Goalkeeper Alex Meret is also out of contract, but Napoli don’t seem willing to do anything crazy for him. Felipe Anderson may finally sign a contract extension with Lazio.

From Mbappé to Jorginho, what’s happening abroad

If we are used to reading about exhausting negotiations for renewals like Rabiot’s in Italy, worse is happening abroad. Always staying in France, in between PSG and Kylian Mbappe It’s a real soap opera now. Superstar renewed for 2022 with completely crazy numbersHowever, he seems determined to live out his life and possibly settle in Madrid.

PSG now seem to have resigned, even though the farewell will cost Mbappé 170 million euros in lost earnings… In any case, the French striker should not be able to find himself when he arrives at Real Madrid. Toni Kroos and Luka Modric. The German veteran’s contract has expired and everything perhaps points to a real farewell to City. Modric should go to Arabia instead.

Staying in Spain appeals to many big names Bilbao’s Nico Williams. The 21-year-old winger needs to reach an agreement with the club that trained him and then decide. But in England, the main names are the blue Jorginho, who could stay at Arsenal, and Anthony Martial, who thinks saying goodbye to Manchester United is much more than a hypothesis.

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