EGBA, online gaming thermometer in Europe: 2023 data

What is the state of online gaming art in Europe? EGBA, the association of operators in the sector, publishes its report on its 2023 activities and tells us this: The data reveals some surprises.

EGBA: Overview of European online gaming in 2023

The report on activities for 2023 is a document that emphasizes the effectiveness of the work done and reveals interesting data.

The priorities that EGBA has given itself are to raise the bar of standards in the most delicate and sensitive sectors. IT security and anti-money laundering regulationsat the same time encouraging greater cooperation among operators and between operators and institutions. Additionally, the EGBA is working to ensure better standards for damage indicators such as game time and duration.

The EGBA report also publishes aggregate data from various operators covering 2022; This data reveals interesting information about important topics such as the number of accounts and licenses, revenues, customer performance and earnings. One of the most striking data is a historical overtaking: Casino game revenue from online bettingrepresenting 48% and 43% of the total, respectively.

A Europe of 267 online gaming licenses

The EGBA report also reveals overall figures regarding licensing and regulated markets. There are currently 22 European countries where a franchise regime for online gaming exists. There are currently 267 active online gaming licenses In the Old Continent. It makes you think about Italian reality. The price of new concessions increased by 28 times.

Data on the number and amounts of online bets are also interesting. The total of online bets reached 132 billion, +19% annually. The staked value decreased by 9% to 184 billion euros. The average value of bets also dropped by 53% compared to 1.40 euros in 2018.

They are registered in Europe 31.2 million active gaming accounts (+5% per year), earned 173 billion euros and achieved an average RTP (Return to Player) of 94.2%. GGR (Gross Game Review or spend) for both casino games drops by -1% and sports betting by -13%. Total GGR decreased by 8% to €10.7 billion.

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