Gambling Industry Forum established in Great Britain

An industry forum that helps the control commission to move the relevant industry into the future. They also do this in Great Britain, where the UKGC has formed the Gambling Industry Forum.

Great Britain: Games Industry Forum is born

Gambling Industry Forum is born

It may seem strange, but the truth is that there was no official industry forum in one of the places that everyone calls gambling home and where the gambling industry is most structured. UKGC, the UK Gambling Commission, put an end to this shortcoming, so-called Gambling Industry Forum.

The new body will work alongside the UKGC and will consist of a number of qualified representatives and professionals from the UKGC. British public gaming industry. The main aim is quite clear, namely to provide the commission with the most detailed information possible on the views of the operators. There are many topics on which these opinions would be sought, and all of them are interesting.

From account management to consultations to data programs of the commission, there are many possible topics on which the activity of the forum will focus and which can really contribute to the further modernization and modernization of the legal gambling sector. In the coming weeks the UKGC will determine and appoint a president and a boardTerm of office will last three years

Industry forum: What’s happening in Italy

On the one hand, it should be noted that while it is surprising that there is no forum dedicated to representing the gaming industry in such a mature and historic market as the UK, the Industry Forum was the first, or rather, the first “official” body. are appointed directly by the public institution. trade organizations As in Italy, it clearly already existed. Acadi joins Confcommerciobut also Logical.

These are operator associations that seek to serve their own interests, but above all the interests of the relevant industry, which is the highest benefit for which everyone, dealers and institutions should work. In fact, the Government and representatives of the ADM, Customs and Excise Authority often meet with trade associations of gaming industry representatives at forums or conferences, Try to collect opinions and critical topics.

The wind that blows in Italy, as in Great Britain, and in almost all European countries that regulate the markets, sustainability. The industry is trying to debate internally and with institutions to find the right tools that will guarantee a rosy future for the industry, focusing increasingly on more responsible and socially sustainable gaming.

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