Live Poker | The CAPT is coming back to Linz

In addition, the Casinos Austria Poker Tour (CAPT) plays at Casino Linz and gives you a €550 Main Event.

That’s exactly what happens in the first year, so that the CAPT winner emerges at Casino Linz. In 2013 (Werner Lorenzoni), 2014 (Rainer Rapp) and 2015 (Raphael Schreiner) he moderated the CAPT in Linz. A lot has happened since then and nothing actually looks the same anymore. Even before Corona and the brand, there were plans to expand the poker lounge on the ground floor. The man is not willing to be told anything at the Pokermania stops or beat the pros with this war so he can get an idea of ​​his game where he can learn more so he can have a great reality.

There is great interest in CAPT Linz, you can go there at the opening event on Tuesday, October 3rd, for €130 + €20. €10,000 is guaranteed, with 30,000 chips and 25 minute levels.

On Wednesday there is 200 € + 100 + 30 PKO (30k/25′) and 50 € + 10 Rebuy Satellite (5 x 550 € GTD tickets), on Thursday for a class 200 + 100 + 30 Bounty (30k/25) . ′) 25′) and 100 € + 20 satellite (10 x 550 € Main Event Tickets GTD).

The €500 + 50 Main Event begins with two starts on Friday and Saturday, with 50,000 chips and 30 minute levels. The finale follows at the beginning and is completed with 40-minute levels.

The side events are the €150 + 50 + 30 Freezeout Bounty (30k/20′) on Friday and the €200 + 30 Deepstack Freezeout (100k/15′) on Saturday.

There are exciting tournament days in Linz and of course there are also important points to be gained for the CAPT leaderboard at the CAPT Linz. The best 24 games will be played in a freeroll by CAPT Baden, with a payout of €24,000.

All details about all tours and information about where the next tickets are available can be found next

The tournament plans for the upcoming CAPT stops in 2023:

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