Here are the 12 contestants and the odds

The seventeenth edition of Italy’s most popular musical talent competition, X Factor, officially kicks off with the first live show on 26 October. From the elections, 12 contestants emerged who will compete every Thursday.

X Factor 2023, 12 participants and odds

X Factor 2023: favorite judges and contestants

It will start on October 26 and will only end on December 7, the evening when we will learn the name of the artist or artists who will replace the French Saints in the X Factor honors list. Yes, because next Thursday the highly anticipated live shows officially begin most successful musical talent show in recent years, and not only in Italy.

The formula is almost the same with some changes, including the names of some of the judges. In this seventeenth edition of X Factor Italia, Return of Ambra Angiolini, Fedez, Dargen D’Amico and Morgan, among the jury members who also serve as talent scouts and selectors. In various preliminary episodes, the 4 judges each chose 3 people to be part of their team.

According to the evaluations made by SNAI experts on the eve of X Factor betting, My favorite is Angelica BoveThe twenty-year-old Roman artist from the Ambra team was given at 2.75. The credentials of SickTeens seem strong behind him, a young group that Morgan believes could be Emilia’s answer to Maneskin. SickTeens is currently the second favorite at 4.

The X Factor: favorite or surprise?

Speaking of Maneskin, the now very famous group were the protagonists of one of the biggest surprises in X Factor history. In fact, in 2017, Lorenzo Licitra mocked Maneskin, although he was a heavy favorite the day before. reading in between Profiles of the 12 contestantsmaybe you can have fun exploring possible surprise of this edition.

SNAI shares say: my third favorite is Maria Tomba, a twenty-year-old player from Veneto on the Fedez team, is given at 5.50 as Niccolò Selmi, a sensitive interpreter whom Morgan chooses for his team. Fabrizio Longobardi, aka “Il Solito Dandy” is the strong card of Dargen D’Amico’s team at 7.50. The 10-year-old offer from Matteo Pierotti from the Ambra team is also quite mature.

Ambra’s youngest player is 16-year-old Gaetano De Caro, who is 10 years old. Asia Leva and Sara Sorrenti are playing at 12, Stunt Pilots at 15, Animaux Formidables at 25, and Settembre at 33. Among the judges, Ambra is the person with the most likes: One of the winning artists is given 2.50 points for Morgan, 3.50 points for Fedez and 5 points for Dargen.

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