Horses from one of the Share 4 Good projects

The 2023 edition of Share 4 Good, Snaitech’s iZilove Foundation’s initiative to promote ways of Corporate Social Responsibility, has awarded four projects. Let’s explore one of these titled “The horse as a co-therapist.”

Snaitech offers “Horse as co-therapist”

Snaitech presents one of its Share 4 Good projects

Also in 2023, the Snaitech foundation iZilove Foundation, dedicated to Good Causes, organized this initiative. “Share the 4 Goods”An innovative project created to involve employees in the company’s CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility – path. There are also 4 winning projects that will be financed by Snaitech. Today we will focus on one of them: “The horse as a co-therapist”.

This is a project born in the “Centro Insieme – Farsi Prossimo” in Rho, in the province of Milan. The idea is to welcome single parent families Involve mothers and children in recreational and sporting activities with horses, ponies and special dogs, as well as in therapeutic treatments aimed at improving health, independence and quality of life, and relieving states of physical or mental distress.

This project presented by the Equi-librarsi Circoli Ippico ASD Riding School, a Lombard sports association, is very important because it operates specifically in the region and reaches the very difficult personal and family situations that have increased after Covid. Funding from IZilove Foundation It will allow us to expand the accommodation facilities and perhaps expand the range of activities.

Share 4 Good’s other winning projects

Project “Horse as co-therapist” This is perhaps the one that seems most relevant to the Snaitech brand, but in this case the horses are definitely being used for other purposes. In fact, this initiative is also beneficial in terms of raising awareness. The many benefits of hippotherapya path to healing and well-being that can achieve surprising results when used in the right contexts.

However, other projects, which we will briefly describe, were also awarded in the 2023 edition of Share 4 Good. Firstly “Love does not count APS chromosomes”It is supported by an association from Lucca that deals with educational, employment and social integration pathways for people with Down Syndrome. Additionally, “Il Sorriso di Stefano” will be financed in the province of Lucca.

In the latter case, as the name suggests, it is an association that strives to put smiles on faces wherever they are needed and encompasses a variety of cultural, recreational, environmental and social welfare activities. The latest project is ANGSA Tivoli and Valle dell’Aniene Onlus, in this case with the help of the horses in his care autism and pervasive developmental disorders.

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