Infotainment services from Eurobet to LeoVegas are booming in Serie A

In the modern marketing lexicon they are called “Info-entertainment partners”, but these are the usual business deals of Serie A teams with brands linked to the betting world, but without ever mentioning betting. Juve’s new Infotainment partner

Growing “infotainment partners” in Serie A

Eurobet recently closed one of the most important commercial deals in its recent history. The brand is actually Official Infotainment Partner of FC Juventus. is a live scores platform, always in real time, which allows you to follow the events of more than 30 sports in real time, consult many statistics.

The agreement provides for a series of events, mostly entertainment, during and after Juventus games. The purpose is to donate brand visibility both online and offlineOn the other hand, he called for doing so with the participation of the fans, having fun alongside the fans with the opportunity to have unforgettable experiences alongside their favorite teams.

It’s a happy partnership because both sides need to win. As Eurobet consolidates its brand reputation in the football world, placing itself next to a big name worldwide, Juventus will be able to take advantage of the engagement and brand awareness capabilities that modern platforms such as can offer. The fans of the club are Black and White.

LeoVegas et al: causes of the phenomenon

The lawsuit between and Juventus is just the latest example of the Serie A football club closing a partnership with a brand linked to the betting industry. Another recent example is always about a big player: Inter. Nerazzurro club signed with LeoVegas.News As Official Training Kit Associate Partner. LeoVegas’ sports infotainment brand will be the main sponsor of training jerseys.

Alongside the visibility of the kits, and Inter will also collaborate on the creation of exclusive content and other special events for fans. Some of you may be wondering: Wasn’t there a ban on shirt sponsors of betting companies? Even if the answer is yes Minister Andrea Abodi Already suggested that the ban be liftedbut encounters strong opposition.

Game companies waiting for news on the subject are looking for solutions in this regard. introduce themselves legally. The common point of Eurobet and LeoVegas’ deals with Juve and Inter, as well as StarCasinò.sport’s deals with Rome, Torino, Sassuolo and various clubs, is to create pure brand awareness by entertaining without mentioning bets or quotes. .

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