How much did Manchester City collect from the 2022/23 Champions League?

It is known that the ownership of Manchester City is very rich, winning the Champions League does not pay back the money spent over the years. In both cases, the victory increased the rewards to 8 figures.

Champions League: How much money did City make?

Manchester City’s wins in the Champions League and beyond

The season of big club football is long over, but the echoGood luck with Manchester City! still strong. The Treble, or what they call “Treble” on the other side of the Channel, has made history: a national title in the Premier League, the FA Cup and most recently the Champions League has only been successful 5 times before for a trio in the same season, and an English team only once (Manchester United 1998/99).

Barcelona and Bayern Munich have succeeded twice, while Inter, who are also the only Italians to reach this particular milestone, have succeeded once. However, the most prestigious and tough competition is the Champions League, because it also requires a good dose of luck. UEFA’s biggest rivalry also brings a lot of money into clubs’ coffers, so let’s look around winner’s earnings.

The city had already gathered 44 million before fielding: Fixed fee of 15.6 million euros, UEFA coefficient of 28.4 million euros on a ten-year basis. Then €11.2 million for 4 wins and €1.86 million for 2 draws in the group stage, €9.6 million to reach the round of 16, €10.6 million for the quarter-finals, €12.5 million for the semi-finals, 15.5 million euros came for the semi-finals. 4.5 million euros for the final and the win.

The CFG universe and possible Italian future

In total, they earn 109.76 million euros, the prize money that Pep Guardiola’s team has collected in the 2022/23 Champions League. Still, those are insignificant numbers if you consider how much he’s spent in recent years. Provincial Football GroupUAE holding company, owner of Manchester City, to buy players: 1.67 billion euros from 2013 to date, approximately one billion negative balances.

But the prizes won with this Champions League aren’t even the biggest part of what Manchester City has collected in the “Treble”, even if they alone repay the purchase of a phenomenon like Erling Braut Haaland. The biggest share came from the Premier League, ie around 210 million euros. Another 4.57m euros came from winning the FA Cup and A total seasonal prize of 3.25 million euros!

Incredible numbers, especially when compared with the economic downturn of Serie A in Italy. In this context, City Football Group is not only involved in Manchester City, but also in Troyes (newly relegated to Ligue 2) and Palermo in Serie B. Given the large serving area, it’s legitimate for Rosanero fans to dream.

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