IT Center opened in Naples

The approach towards technology, innovation and skills satisfaction was already known at Sisal. The Italian company, founded in 1946, has confirmed this once again with the opening of its new IT Center in Naples.

Sisal invests in technology and skills in Naples

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Sisal opens new IT Center in Naples

In Italy, which is becoming increasingly deindustrialized, among the many companies that are localizing, there are those who say no. Or at least making a different choice. We are talking about Sisal, which continues its way with its innovative business model. centralize strategies and technologiesit not only covers headquarters in Rome and Milan, but also many other important Italian regions and cities.

The latest arrival in Campania, where the new Sisal IT Center opened a few weeks ago. The structure is located within the Naples Business Center and will consist of 30 high-profile individuals currently coming from, but not limited to, different training courses in the field of Information Technology. Sisal also tightened one Partnership with Federico II University For the creation of internships and apprenticeships.

About this subject First IT Center in Campania It will have an important function of supporting the growth of the company in the long term. What does all this mean? The structure will utilize talents, experience and professionalism to develop ideas, experiment and conduct research in the field of online gaming and all segments in which Sisal is involved.

Sisal is linked to the growth region

We tend to think that when companies are swallowed up by large conglomerates, they somehow lose their effectiveness. However, the Sisal case shows almost the opposite, even though more than two years have passed since the incident. Flutter Entertainment acquired for $1.9 billionThe company not only did not lose ground, it actually accelerated its progress global growth path.

The Flutter group left the pre-existing management and balance unchanged, and therefore the work put in over the years could be implemented in a better way. Among the strategies planned for some time was precisely technological expansion, which also included Italian territory. Sisal opened in 2019 Three digital hubs between Türkiye, Albania and TunisiaIt employs nearly 400 IT professionals.

But as for Italy, the center in Naples joins the already existing IT Center in Palermo and Innovation Laboratory active in Turin. Approximately 50 people currently work in three buildings. The most sought-after people, especially in Naples, are software engineers and professionals in the field of quality assurance, both for internal use and for customers.

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