Reale Mutua Fenera Chieri ’76 cancels the score of the first two sets and wins in Le Cannet

Bregoli initially uses the Malinov-Grobelna diagonal, Zakchaiou and Weitzel in the center, Kingdon and Omoruyi on the flank, spirito libero. On the other side of the net, Pejovic initially uses Lee as a dribbler, Popova as an opponent, Kochurina and Lyasko in the center, Kotikova and Yaneva in the wings, and Stimak as a libero.

In the first set, after an even start (8:7), the score quickly turned in favor of the hosts, who extended it to 21:14; In the final, Chieri recovered somewhat by destroying two set points with Kingdon and Zakchaiou at 24-20, before yielding after an entry from Zakchaiou at 25-22.

Second set: After a good start from Chieri (3-6), we fight point by point until the score is 15-15. Bregoli throws Skinner and Gray into the fight. In the final, Le Cannet extended the lead and won easily 25:18 after a serve error by Skinner.

In the third set the hosts are ahead 15:11. A few blocks away from Gray, Chieri was shaken, who equalized in the 15th after Weitzel’s serve and took the lead with Grobelna for the first time at 18:19. Grobelna gives his team the first set point again (21-24), then he misses the serve and is blocked and the score is 23-24. Finally, in the third attempt, Skinner finishes with 23-25.

The fourth set goes pretty quickly to Chieri (4-7, pipe from Grobelna), who expands in the middle phase and reaches the maximum lead of 7 points at 13-20 (ace from Kingdon). On the first ball, an attacking mistake by Le Cannet leads to a tiebreak.

In the fifth set, Chieri is 6:8 (Kingdon) ahead of the field champion. Le Cannet turns the score to 10-9, Grobelna and Skinner answer and it is 11-11. When the score was 13:13, a blockout by the French turned the score to 13:14. Malinov’s block follows and the game ends 13-15.

The classic duel ends 2:3, which started badly for Chieri and ended for the best after rediscovering intensity, rhythm, conviction and play. Skinner’s effort was fundamental as he changed the face of the game from the third set onwards, finishing with 15 points, the second best scorer of Chieri after Grobelna (22), who was also named MVP. Volero Le Canner has four players in double figures, led by Popova (20).

«It was a match with great intensity. In a game where we didn’t do our job in the first two sets, it’s not easy to change the score. I’m proud of the team», the immediate comment from Camilla Weitzel.

The second leg between Reale Mutua Fenera Chieri ’76 and Volero Le Cannet will be played on Wednesday February 7th at the Pala Gianni Asti in Turin, kick-off is at 8 p.m.

I wanted Le Cannet 2
Reale Mutua Fenera Chieri ’76 3

Parties (25-22; 25-18; 23-25; 20-25; 13-15)

I wanted the cannets: Lee 1, Popova 20, Kochurina 11, Lyasko 11, Kotikova 19, Yaneva 8; Stimak; Staniulyte 1, Schalk 3, Russu. Neither. Borcic, Cisse, Kjrov, Dekeukelaire (2L). All. Pejovic; 2. Knudsen.

REAL MUTUA FENERA CHIERI ’76: Malinov 3, Grobelna 22, Zakchaiou 4, Weitzel 8, Kingdon 9, Omoruyi 8; Ghost (L); Morello, Anthouli, Gray 6, Skinner 15. N.e. Rolando, Kone, Tonelli (2L). All. Bregoli; 2. Daglio.
REFEREE: Savic (Serbia) and Voudouris (Greece).
NOTE: set duration: 26′. 24′, 26′, 29′, 19′. Batting errors: 16-13. Ace: 7-8. Winning blocks: 9-11. MVP: Grobelna.

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