Jannik Sinner, all the tricks of tennis’ Italian golden boy

No football player can take the title of Italian athlete of 2023 from Jannik Sinner, Pecco Bagnaia could do this at most, Gianmarco Tamberi and Federica Brignone are even more difficult. Here are the crazy numbers of the South Tyrolean tennis player.

Jannik Sinner: Crazy 2023 figures

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Numbers of sinners and their earnings in 2023

A record year in every sense. Jannik Sinner’s 2023 has been incredibly beautiful and fulfilling; He rose to No. 1 in the rankings in Italian tennis and has now shattered almost every record possible for an Italian tennis player. Davis Cup victoryThe pearl brought to Italy after 47 years with Sinner’s great contributions is only the last pearl.

Jannik Sinner had previously broken or at least equaled many national records. in 2023 Jannik won 4 ATP tournamentsThis was something no Italian had ever achieved before. The total number of tournaments he won is 10, and although he is currently living with Adriano Panatta, he broke a national record by ranking 4th in the ATP rankings.

Another record in living together First career Masters 1000 winA success that arrived in Toronto in August. The only other Italian to achieve this was Fabio Fognini at Monte Carlo 2019, but it seems only a matter of time before Sinner separates himself from the lead here too. The 64 victories in the calendar year are an absolute record: Barazzutti’s previous record was broken (54 in 1978).

How much did Jannik Sinner earn?

Italian tennis seems to have found the goose that laid the golden eggs, but this is only the beginning. Jannik Sinner’s career can bring us more happiness in 2024, and he himself admitted: pressure doesn’t scare himwhich means he will try to win the competition next year First Grand Slam tournament of his careerAfter the Wimbledon 2023 semi-final

For Italian tennis, this is a real bingo, because with the success in the Davis Cup and Sinner’s personal rise, the number of people enrolled in tennis schools will increase, especially among young people. It should also be read in this sense The global reach of the sinner characterIts economic value is not easy to calculate. However, we know how much he earned in 2023 and in his career.

From awards in 2023 only, Jannik Sinner grossed $8,298,379 millionEqual to 7.58 million euros. The career prize money amounts to 14,936,562 million dollars (13.64 million euros), to which various sponsorships must also be added. Sinner received 150 million euros over 10 years from Nike alone, while around 5 million euros comes from Lavazza, Rolex, Head, Fastweb, Intesa Sanpaolo and others. Therefore, Sinner grossed approximately 28 million euros in total in 2023.

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