Lottomatica-Censis report photographs the boom in online gaming

How is the legal gaming industry in Italy? The second Lottomatica-Censis report, which photographs the situation by comparing it not only with 2021 but also with the pre-Covid period, tells us this. Online gaming boom.

Censis-Lottomatica: How is the game going in Italy?

Lottomatica-Censis: report on legal gaming in Italy

The second Lottomatica-Censis report, entitled Legal gambling in Italy again for a dual comparison it takes a very interesting picture of the state of the industry: the one with the first report dated 2021 and the one with the pre-COVID period. The subtitle of the report partially reveals some of the truths of the research and data, namely the “social and economic value of the game”.

Let’s start with this social aspect, which emerged in the first report and whose trends are highlighted in the newly published report. Contrary to what critics of the industry claim, for millions of Italians game is an activity like any otherIt is based on pure fun, which is the main driving force for 61.1% of Italians playing.

For 7 out of 10 Italians (69.4%), gambling is a human act and there is nothing wrong with playing provided it has rules. Besides, game confirmed to be a crossover phenomenon: both adults and youth play, with prevalence of low-income residents of the south or major cities (53.1% vs. 37.5% of highest incomes).

Online gaming boom, music for treasure

2. Another very clear fact emerging from the Lottomatica-Censis report is the explosion in online gaming. The pandemic has actually “raised the fungus” and accelerated Italians’ adaptation to remote gaming. Gaming industry’s collection rated 67.2 billion euros for online only+36.5% compared to 2020 and even +84.6% compared to 2019.

The rapid growth of the online sector, whose collections in the total sector increased from 12.3% to 12.3% in 2011 60.4% in 2021makes the topic even more up-to-date game industry reformMeloni’s government plans to step up. It is very dynamic and subject to changes (technological and specific) to adapt the legislation to the times.

Contribution of the sector to the Treasury is approx. 11 billion euros per yearDespite the ever-increasing interest in the prevention of problem gambling, the government cannot give up. And here we come back to social value, because the industry is increasingly looking to responsible and healthy gaming, which has a strong integrative component and is perceived as positive value for society.

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