Live Poker | CAPT 2024 comes with €1,000,000 GTD CAPT Million

Casinos Austria also presents the poker plan for 2024. The CAPT celebrates the crowning conclusion with the premiere of the €1,000,000 GTD CAPT Million at Casino Baden, but there are also many other events planned for another round table.

CAPT & Poker EM 2024

The Casinos Austria Poker Tour (CAPT) 2024 stops at Casino Seefeld (February 20 to March 5). They rely on the tried and tested, but there will still be innovations. For example, you can before the CAPT Seefeld in Vienna and Bregenz qualifies for day 2 at the € 550 Snow Festival and then continues playing ITM in Casino Seefeld. This is also the first day after the initial launch of €2,000 + 200 Main Events. As always, games and lots of winter fun are guaranteed in Seefeld. The second stop of the CAPT takes you back to Tyrol, because in mid-March there will be games in the Casino Innsbruck. From now on again in Salzburg and Velden, the next stops are in April. This year the games will be played in Casino Linz in May and the first CAPT Bregenz stop will begin on May 30th. In the summer there is a CAPT break from July 16th to 28th at Lake Wörthersee at PokerEM. The CAPT Vienna also comes a little earlier this year, namely at the beginning of October, then it goes to the second stops in the casinos Seefeld and Bregenz. The turntables are similar according to the individual stops, but of course they are also optimized a little.

CAPT Million

Yes, the CAPT Baden is missing from the actual CAPT 2024. That will be the CAPT Million. €1,000,000 prize pool with a buy-in of €500 + 50. This gift has never been available at Casinos Austria before. The Beat’em All had the same concept more than a decade ago, but with a €1,000,000 prize money guarantee, something you don’t see at Casinos Austria. The detailed planning for the annual highlight is underway, but it will be a real highlight and there will also be many satellites so that you can qualify inexpensively. It is also hoped that there will be win2day satellites again. It may not start in every casino, but definitely across the whole of Austria, before heading east to Casino Baden for the big finale. The final cannot be missed at the EPT Prague, as the event is also offered to “travelers” in the fall.

Pokermania and special events

Pokermania – and all of its bounty and other special variations – is already an integral part of Casinos Austria’s poker program. You can also look forward to events once a day, from Baden to Bregenz, from Salzburg to Velden there are the cheapest events with guaranteed prize money. Casino Baden also has an XXL edition in its program, the first one coming in February with €200 + 30 buy-in and €100,000 GTD.

In addition to the many events and festivals according to the regular rules of tour tickets, you can also see the many rankings because the regulars have many tour tickets. Cash game promotions are also not permitted. And by the time of the CAPT Million at the latest, we’ll meet at Casino Baden anyway.

The tournament schedules for the individual events are now announced by poker manager Thomas Lamatsch, the next key events of all CAPT stops, etc. to see the details of the CAPT Million. As always, you can find information about the complete poker offering at

Event calendar Casinos Austria 2024 (as of December 2023):

Date Event casino
January 1st – 7th New Year’s tournament Salzburg
4th-7th January Pokermania Bathe
January 8th – 13th Snowmania Festival Seefeld
January 12th – 14th January Festival Bregenz
January 30th – February 4th Winter mania innsbruck
February 16 & 18 CAPTAIN SEEFELD – BREGENZ – VIENNA Seefeld
February 20th – March 3rd CAPT Seefeld
21st-25th February Pokermania XXL Bathe
March 7th – 9th Pokermania Thanks
March 7th – 9th Bounty mania Linz
March 15th – 24th CAPT innsbruck
21st-24th March Pokermania Bathe
April 4th – 7th Spring Poker Festival Bregenz
April 9th ​​- 14th CAPT Salzburg
April 16th – 20th Bounty mania Seefeld
18-21 April Pokermania Bathe
April 23rd – 28th CAPT Velden
April 30th – 4th Never Springmania innsbruck
15th-20th Never Pokermania XXL Bathe
21st – 28th Never CAPT Linz
May 30th – June 9th CAPT Bregenz
June 4th – 8th Poker mania Salzburg
June 6th – 8th Pokermania Thanks
8th-9th June Holiday Cup Bathe
July 2nd – 6th Bounty mania innsbruck
July 16th – 28th POKER EM Velden
July 30th – August 4th Mid-August mania Seefeld
August 27th – August 31st Bounty mania innsbruck
September 3rd – 8th Royal Bounty Festival Salzburg
September 3rd – 7th September festival Bregenz
September 17th – 21st Bounty mania Seefeld
September 19th – 21st Pokermania Thanks
26-29 September Pokermania Bathe
September 30th – October 5th CAPT Vienna
October 5th – 12th CAPT 2.0 Seefeld
October 17th – 27th CAPT 2.0 Bregenz
17th-20th October Pokermania Bathe
October 29th – November 3rd Bounty mania innsbruck
November 5th – 10th Poker festivals Salzburg
November 7th – 9th Pokermania Thanks
November 12th – 16th Bounty Mania XXL Seefeld
December 23rd – 3rd CAPT Million Bathe
December 2nd – 8th Pokermania XMAS Edition Bregenz
December 10th – 14th Christmas mania innsbruck
December 26th – 30th Christmas mania Velden

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