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We’re still a few months away from the 2024 Oscars, which will be held in Los Angeles on March 10. There are no official nominations yet, but there’s no shortage of favorites for the various categories.

Oscars 2024: Will it be Nolan’s year?

Oscar statuette

Oscar night 2024: unlikely heroes

It’s not yet time for Oscar Night preparations in Hollywood, but the Academy machine is already working on booking appointments. March 10, 2024. The candidates will be announced on January 23, but shortlists from which the candidates will be selected are already available. So there are already favorites for movies, actors, directors and all categories.

According to Eurobet shareholders’ predictions Oscar bets, Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer is the main favorite above all, the statuette for the best film. While the film about the life of the so-called “father of the atomic bomb” was given 1.90 points as the winner, the film in which Nolan was selected as best director for the first time received 1.75 points. But there are other films that are solid candidates.

The most convincing alternatives seem to be Martin Scorsese’s Killer of the Flower Moon (4.50) and Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos’s Poor Things (5). Among the leading roles, his favorite is Cillian Murphy (1.80) with Oppenheimer, and among the actresses, his favorite is Emma Stone (2.25) with Poor Things. then there is barbie phenomenonA film shortlisted in 5 categories: The most likely statuette goes to protagonist Margot Robbie (9).

Italy is up there in Hollywood’s weirdest year

It hasn’t been an easy year for the Hollywood industry, and even the early stages of the Oscar journey have been fraught with strong debates and disagreements within the industry that have been going on for some time. were there in the summer Screenwriters’ strikethen added actors’It just finished a few weeks ago.

In this highly unusual environment, Italy could once again play an important role on Oscar Night. In fact, a few days ago, there was news that “Io Capitano” was included in the list. shortlist of the best international filmsA category also known as the best film in a foreign language. The film, directed by Matteo Garrone, is about the immigration drama and boat routes in the Mediterranean.

There is no quota for this category yet, but experts and professionals think there are significant chances. If so, it would be sixteenth Italian film to be awarded the statuette, In history. The first of these was Vittorio De Sica’s “Sciuscià” in 1948, while the last Italian triumph dates back to 2014, Paolo Sorrentino’s “La Grande Bellezza”.

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