Live Poker | Casino Seefeld: Heads-up deal in the Mystery Bounty of Bounty Mania XL

For the first time there was a €150 + 150 + 30 Mystery Bounty Main Event at the Bounty Mania XL in Casino Seefeld and it was a premiere.

For the buy-in of €150 + €150 + €30, the Mystery Bounty Event gives you 30,000 chips (+ 20% gold bonus/ + 10% early bird) and 25 minutes of levels, a €20,000 prize is guaranteed.

Despite the onset of winter, many found their way to the Tyrolean mountains and with 74 starters and 32 re-entries, €31,800 came into the pot, which was divided equally between money places and bounties. 15 jewels were paid and 15 bounties between €500 and €5,000 were up for grabs. There was also €3,985 in prize money waiting for the winner.

Many of the Seefeld regulars were there and some were able to hold their own. In the end there is a deal, in Bali 4 two seats for €3,985 and three bonuses of €4,100. Second place went to an anonymous Italian who not only won €3,315 in prize money, but also nine bounties including the €5,000 top bounty.

From December 5th to 9th, Xmas Mania will take place at Casino Innsbruck and there will also be a rich bounty campaign including a mystery bounty. Nowadays it is already the regular program in the Tyrolean casinos, the cash games are now offered with the blinds €1/3 NLH or €2/2 PLO. All information about the complete poker offer can be found at

rank First name Surname nation Prize money Act
Bali 4two D €3,985 €3,320
NN THE €2,650 €3,315
Christopher uranium TO €1,865
Daniel Van Ederen NL €1,385
Mark Keerl D €1,075
Tobias worm D €865
Gerold Mittendorfer TO 715€
Goran Terzic human Resource 570€
NN THE 490€
Thomas Wagermaier TO 415€
Alexander Boehme D 415€
Ralph Dittmar D 375€
Daniel Müller TO 375€
Daniel The mark THE 360€
Peter magic THE 360€


NO First name Surname nation Prize money
1 NN €5,000
2 Bali 4two €2,500
3 NN €1,000
4 Christopher uranium TO €1,000
5 Bali 4two €1,000
6 NN 600€
7 NN 600€
8th NN 600€
9 Bali 4two 600€
10 Thomas Wagermaier TO 500€
11 Christopher uranium TO 500€
12 NN 500€
13 NN 500€
14 NN 500€
15 NN 500€

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