Lottomatica publishes 2023 non-financial statement

When it comes to corporate sustainability, it is difficult to find a company that manages to stand out like Lottomatica in the legal public gaming industry. The 2023 non-financial statement includes a summary of all targets achieved.

Sustainability: Lottomatica shows its strength

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Lottomatica is making progress on sustainability

Technically, this is called a non-financial statement; The statement that Lottomatica publishes as part of its regular annual report is part of the group. In fact, this is a list of activities supported, as well as goals and objectives achieved by the company, and is always up to date. sustainability related issuesThey see Lottomatica as a company that can show that it is extremely advanced in this regard.

Lottomatica has been making corporate sustainability a flagship for some time now, and indeed this 2023 non-financial statement is a list that makes a definite impression. Actually we’re leaving from here UNI/PdR 125 certificate was received on gender equalitystrengthening all ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) activities, continuous education on responsible gaming, but not only that.

Lottomatica generally endorses a strategy based on three cornerstones: responsibility, people and society, environment. Consider the “Punto Gioco Intelligente” course that Lottomatica dedicates to its staff and sales network; A course designed thanks to the partnership between the Lottomatica Foundation and the Gemelli Polyclinic and the valuable consultancy of CePID (Integrated Psychiatry). Center for research, treatment and prevention of addictions).

Lottomatica Group and big “green” profits

Before continuing to list the numerous activities that demonstrate Lottomatica’s excellence in terms of sustainability, it is useful to focus on more important aspects. Let’s talk about something Operator increasingly proving itself as the market leader In addition to operating in important sectors such as sports betting, we continue our strategy of relentless expansion, as evidenced by the acquisition. SKS365 for 639 million euros.

It may seem obvious to be a market leader and at the same time attach great importance to corporate sustainability, but it is not so at all. In fact, although it seems intuitive that an economically successful company would continue to hire, Lottomatica did not stop at one point. 20% increase in the number of employeesbut it achieved this by creating an increasingly inclusive work environment.

And then there are the more purely environmental themes. From the 2023 financial statement, 100% of movie theaters directly managed by Lottomatica, 100% green energy. Additionally, 92% of the paper used in the company is recycled, but the majority of suppliers (82%) are selected and evaluated based on compliance with ESG criteria.

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