Manchester City-Seville miss big in UEFA Super Cup

The unusual and evocative Greek setting of the Geōrgios Karaiskakīs Stadium in Piraeus will host the first UEFA trophy of the season: the European Super Cup. Let’s find out everything there is to know about Manchester City-Seville.

Odds for Manchester City v Seville

Manchester City v Sevilla: all about the 2023 UEFA Super Cup

The relevant domestic leagues, namely the English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga, have already started. But Manchester City-Seville is a very important appointment because it will present the first real trophy of the season. UEFA European Super Cup. The winners of the Champions League challenge the reigning champions of the Europa League in a match that seems definitely marked.

According to SNAI*, Manchester City are the clear favourites. England team’s odds of winning in regular time are 1.40 against 8.00 assigned to Sevilla’s win, and a draw is 5.00. In this context, the UEFA regulation should be noted. no overtime for this gametherefore in case of a draw we will go directly to penalty kicks.

This last detail may be of particular importance, as with the same formula City recently lost the Community Shield, the classic English trophy at the start of the season, which Arsenal won on penalties. Anyway, Sevilla looks much weaker and this can be seen in other odds such as 7.25 assigned to City who did not score.

European Super Cup and big loss

Therefore, the roles of this match are very well defined, therefore, the super favorites Manchester City and Sevilla as the conscious outsiders. But, traps abound, as befits a straight spade. One of them has to do with injuries and City has a really serious situation: Kevin De Bruyne’s KOHe fell victim to a muscle problem in his first game in the Premier League.

The Belgian champion could have finished 2023 here, as the first medical bulletins suggest. The shortfall is heavy, but it shouldn’t be decisive for a team like Manchester City with a star squad. Mateo Kovacic should replace KDB, a former Chelsea player who just arrived at Pep’s court. It will be up to the Croatian to try to trigger City’s star attack.

Ahead is always Erling Haaland, the proclaimed vengeance of all Europe’s defenses, including that of Seville. Speaking of defense, Champions League winners act from the first minute Josko GvardiolCroat like Kovacic, who came to this market session for the dreadful sum of 90m euros paid by Manchester City to the Germans of Leipzig.

*Offers are subject to change

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